Friday, December 17, 2010

Tickets in Hand


  Last we wrote I was trying to reach Penn State for tickets to the Outback Bowl on 1/1/11. Well the tickets arrived in the mail yesterday.

  We’re still in S Georgia and the weather has finally moderated. It had got down as low as 21. We have been very slow here at Reed Bingham state park. We usually only have 2 or 3 campers in overnight. There had been 3 host couples but one couple had to leave and they were suppose to be here next month also. The ranger asked us last night what our plans were for next month but we have some reservations in Florida. We couldn’t have had an easier gig. With the couple leaving we have picked up a few extra days but we don’t mind. On the 19th we’re having a potluck with the staff and there families along with the other host couple. We’ll have a quiet Christmas this year and then on the 31st we’ll head back down to Florida .


Merry Christmas

Tom & Paula

Monday, December 6, 2010

Plans Change

  Last I wrote we were headed to Fort McCoy to join fellow Escapee Boomers at a Pow Wow over Thanksgiving weekend. We had a great time. There was native Americans in attendance from all over the USA. On Thanksgiving we helped serve over 330 people. On Friday and Saturday we helped with the gate and parking. We also had pot lucks and campfires every night. We pulled out on Sunday morning and headed north to Georgia. We pulled into a campground in Brookfield Ga. to meet up with Paula’s friend from school and to rest up. On Tuesday the 30th we moved south around 30 miles to Reed Bingham state park where we’ll camphost for the next month. The days have been brisk but nice but with this current southern cold spell it’s been in the low 30’s in the morning. Yesterday we went to Lakewood Ga. to the city of murals. It’s a small Ga. town but they tell there history with murals painted on the sides of the historic buildings. We did enjoy our time there. When we leave here at the end of the month we planned on traveling west but we have decided to return to Fl for at least January.

  Last night it was announced that Penn State will play a bowl game on the 1st in Tampa. I just made campground reservations but the Penn State ticket number is constantly busy. I would like to get our tickets thru them so we’ll be with all the PSU folks but I may just have to get them thru Ticketmaster. I’ll keep trying for a little bit. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Beautiful Day in Florida


  It’s 9:30am 72 degrees and the sun is shining. Wow. The other day we we’re going into Wal-Mart and the Sally’s were ringing their bell and I said to Paula there’s something wrong with this picture. We only had shorts and tee shirts on and it was closing in on Xmas. Last Tuesday I was riding my bike and I saw a pickup with Disney characters on it and thought that sure looks like Bob & Linda’s and it was. What a pleasant surprise. We had a good week hanging out together. They have worked at Disney a few times and know there way around here. Tomorrow is travel day. We’ll only move around 60 miles north to Chambers Farm in Fort McCoy. We’ll meet up (our neighbor here at Bee’s went up yesterday) with other Escapee Boomers. There is a  Pow Wow  with Indians from as far a Nova Scotia and we’ll spend the Thanksgiving weekend there. From there we’ll move up to Ga. to begin camp hosting at Reed Bingham state park. Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slowly Moving North


  The weather cleared up while we were at the SKP park in Wachula and I got the RV and car washed and the roof seams caulked. we stayed there a week and last Wed we moved about 90 miles to Clermont Florida which is a little NW of Orlando. This is one of the friendliest parks we have stayed at. This is a C2C park and usually we can only stay a week at a time but when we checked in the guy at the office said he would give us the $10 C2C rate if we wanted to stay longer which we probably will for another week. The 1st 2 days here I waxed the car & RV. Feel a lot better with getting that done. Friday they had an all you can eat Fish dinner and it was great as were the folks we sat with. Can’t wait until Tuesdays for the all you can eat chicken dinner. Yesterday we went down to Tampa to Camping World an got 2 new chairs and then went over to Lazydays to look at some RV’s. We took a 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor  out for a drive and was very impressed except for the high mileage coming in at over 42,000.  Some of the other units we looked at just didn’t have what we wanted. We’ll keep on looking. When we got home we went over to the clubhouse for an ice cream social and again had a good time with the folks we sat with. This morning we went to church here at the campground and stayed for social hour. Tomorrow we’re going to head over to Webster to one of the biggest flea markets. I go there for the fried green tomatoes and also the sausage and kraut sandwich.

  When we leave here we’ll move about 70 miles north to meet up with some Escapee Boomers at Fort McCoy where we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. Then we’ll head up to Reed Bingham state park in S Georgia to camp host for December. Hope the weather stays as nice as it’s been.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Florida


  We didn’t have the 200 trick or treaters that signed up At Skidaway SP but we imagine we had over a 100 ( a lot of candy left over). We went out and sat by the road so the kids just had to stop by. We were near the end of the the course that the park had laid out and the parents looked whipped. The next day we left for Daytona. After dumping I moved the RV to a spot to hook up the car and when I went to go outside the latch on the door broke. It took awhile before I was able to get the door open. After getting the car connected we traveled to Daytona without incident. We took a ride down along Atlantic Ave in Daytona Beach a couldn’t believe how dead it was. Condo type buildings and stores sitting empty. We got a hold of Maggie and met her at 5 Guys for dinner. 3 1/2 hours later we left 5 Guys. Yesterday we mover to a SKP park around 60 miles south of Tampa. Haven’t done much here as it’s been raining a lot. Hoping to get the RV washed and waxed over the next several days. Time will tell.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Enjoying the South

  We enjoyed our time at Myrtle Beach. The park we stayed at was only a few miles from the beach and we went there several times. On Saturday we were sitting at the beach soaking in the rays and listening to the Penn State game live on our Droid phone via a local Wilkes–Barre Pa. radio station. We went to eat at Sticky Fingers a small BBQ restaurant chain we 1st went to in Chattanooga Tn. last year ( they have a great Memphis style dry rub) and  Golden Coral. We left Myrtle Beach on Tuesday the 26th and headed south to Savannah Ga. I decided to take US17 opposed to I95 and except for a few stretches with a lot of traffic lights, it was a good choice. As we left Myrtle Beach we noticed gas prices as low as $2.51 and as we traveled prices ranged up to $2.82. We arrived at Skidaway state park near Savannah Ga. to record tying temps and the humidity was right up there. We have spent time wandering around the historic district and the river front area. We also went to eat at The Lady and Sons which is Paula Deens restaurant. The food was excellent. The state parks in Ga. usually celebrate Halloween with events and trick or treating for the kids from the surrounding area and those in the park. We picked up some bags of candy the other day so we thought we were prepared. When we go home today there was a note on our door to leave our light on outside if we were accepting trick or treaters   and that they have 200 kids signed up to participate. Wow. I think we need to run into town tomorrow to get some more candy. Sunday we’ll pack up and head down to Daytona Beach Fl

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to Shorts Weather

  We’re finally back on the road. Thanks Robin for letting us use your driveway. Last Saturday we went to our grandsons  U10 soccer game. Boy it was cold. On Sunday the day we had been waiting for arrived. We were watching our grandkids while there parents went to a wedding. It was everything we anticipated and more. Connor is always a joy to be with and Amelia (5 weeks old) stayed awake much of the 7 hours, which really made our last time with them for a while very special but also harder to start traveling. On Monday we did our final travel preparations and at around 8:30 am on Tuesdays we hit the road. After a few days we arrived in Myrtle Beach SC. We arrived to bright sunshine and temps hovering around 80. Gone are the jeans & back on are the shorts. Yippee. We’ll hang out in this area for 5 nights then move down to a state park near Savanna Ga. After that we’ll move south but we’re just not sure where. We’ll let you know.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We’re Counting Down


  We leave Pa. in 5 days. This has been the longest we’ve stayed in Pa. since we went fulltime. We did the supper and birthday shopping with Connor then on Sunday we picked him up again for his last overnight this time through Pa.. We had a great time and on Monday we took him to tour the Lackawanna Coal Mine in Scranton. We explored 300 feet beneath the earth through an anthracite coal mine originally opened in 1860.  Accompany a miner in the winding underground gangways and rock tunnel past three different veins of hard coal, past the mule boy and the nipper, past the monkey vein and the dead chute. Yesterday we went to upstate NY to say goodbye to Paula’s mom. Today and tomorrow we’re suppose to get heavy rain and wind (a nor'easter). I did get the bike rack on the car and the chair and ladder attached to the back of the RV. The deck furniture has also been put down in Robin’s basement. Hopefully we’ll have a dry & free day so I can wash the MH. Saturday we’ll go to Connor’s soccer game and Sunday we’ll watch the kids while our son and daughter in law go to a wedding. Monday we’ll get everything stowed and Tuesday morning we’ll head out. Next time we write we should be in Sunny Myrtle Beach SC.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

  Last Thursday we had the remnants of a tropical storm go thru and drop over 5 in of rain. We have been in a drought all summer and the river was showing rocks and islands it hasn’t shown for quite a while. In 1 day filled to just below low land flood stage. Monday a system stalled over Pa. and it’s been raining for 2 days and today is suppose to be the same. The weather always seems to be an extreme anymore. 

  Last week was fair week and we watched the weather and picked the driest day to go. We had a good time and ate to much. We don’t normally get flu shots but this year we did. Now watch this year I’ll get sick. Other than the shots and fair we’ve been doing the normal. Breakfast with the guys ( leave in 15 min) , Sat soccer games , and checking in on Amelia. Tomorrow we pick up Connor after school and take him to dinner and shopping for his birthday. Sunday after church we pick him up again and he’ll stay until Monday since he has it off from school. It’s so hard to get time with him between scouts, school & soccer. Friday or early next week we’ll  head up to upstate NY for the day to say goodbye to Paula’s mom.

  Time to head to breakfast.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still in Pa.

  We’ll be in Pa. for another month but boy I’ve got some hitch itch. Our short trips are not getting rid of it but once we leave we probably won’t be back for a year. It’s going to be harder than ever to stay gone that long this time. Explain later.

  Since we got back from upstate NY we’ve had our grandson for a few days, been to several of his soccer games, went to our local high school football game ( our daughter is the adviser for the HS cheerleaders), went to the dentist some more, and went to breakfast with about 15 telephone company retirees. They go to breakfast every other week and I go when I can.

  At one time I had to have the newest in techno stuff. Over the years I got away from that. Even with computers I’m using XP and have no desire to upgrade. When they get all loaded up with junk I wipe it all clean, load back up what I want and start over again. Same with our cell phone. We had a phone that was closing in on 5 years old and the battery life was not getting any better. Well I’m back in the newest and greatest phase again. I ordered a Verizon Droid X and got it last Wed. I doubt I’ll learn it all by the time it’s time to trade it in but I think I’ll have fun trying.

  It’s always hard to leave Pa. as by the time we get back our grandson has grown and changed so much. This time it’s going to be twice as hard. On the 10th our granddaughter Amelia Helen Nankivell arrived. She is so beautiful and she will change so much in the year we are gone,It’s going to be tough. They should be heading home as I write. Paula is going to make their meals for the next week so that should help in their adjustment to the real world.

  Tomorrow we plan on going to the rv show in Hershey and Friday we get our flu shots. Besides spending time with family that’s about all we have planned.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Randy Travis


  Randy Travis did not disappoint. He put on a great show. Earlier in the day I took the tracker to the Dr. for new brakes & tires. On Saturday we went up to our campsite and brought back some stuff for storage at Robins. Sunday we went to our new cousins baptism. Yesterday I was back at the dentist. Boy I’ll be glad when that's all done. Tomorrow we’re going to close up Emily’s slides and head to upstate NY. Paula’s family is having a reunion. When we come back on Sunday we’ll pickup our grandson to stay the night and Monday. His mom & dad have meetings at the schools they teach at but he doesn’t start back until Tuesday. We’ll have a fun day of board games.

  Some friends that we met on the road are going thru some tough times. They found a mass on Jay’s brain and he will be operated on later this week and his wife Fay had a heart attack and had surgery. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jersey Shore

  We had a great time at Seaside Heights NJ. Connor loved the ocean and boardwalk and the pool at the motel. We’re not used to traveling without the RV there was several times there was sometime we wish we had brought with us. We also didn’t like having neighbors coming home late at night. The RV will go with us from now on.

  Tuesday I had my  annual stress test and I’m still waiting for the results.  Yesterday we both had dentist appointments. I have 2 more visits. I hope this denture thing works out. Paula went out to lunch with the ladies from the church today and had a good time. I stayed home and took it easy just cutting Robin’s grass. Tomorrow we go to see Randy Travis and we’re looking forward to the concert. 

  We’re still parked in Robin’s driveway and it’s working out ok. We still have a lot of stuff up at out campground in Falls and we’re going to have to start bringing it back to Robin’s to store. We’ve had the same site for around 6 years but with spending next summer in Alaska and traveling the following summer we’re going to give the site up. 

  Enjoy your summer everyone

Monday, August 9, 2010

Still in Plains

  We’re still parked in our daughters driveway and it’s working out ok. It’s been a busy week. Paula had a Dr. appt this week and I spent 3 day’s doing some wiring at our sons. Boy that attic was hot. Then Friday our daughter had a happy hour fund raiser at a local bar so we went to that. Saturday I put a 30a receptacle for the RV and cut the grass. Yesterday I changed the oil in the car and RV and cleaned out and washed the tracker. Our grandson will be over in a bit. Tomorrow we’re taking him down the Jersey shore for a few days. We’re not taking the RV as I want to stay close to the boardwalk and the ocean. We haven’t traveled with out the RV for a long time and it’s hard trying to remember to pack the right stuff. Wish us luck in remembering to take all the right stuff.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

We survived

  We made it through another week of cub scout camp. We are tired and sore but we really enjoyed ourselves. The week flew by. Today we’ll rest and tonight we’ll go to a local church bazaar.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cub Scout Camp Begins

  Boy it’s been hot. Not much getting done. The weather radio has been going crazy with storm warnings and tornado watches. Areas around us have had problems but nothing here. We’re parked in our daughter driveway and we only have 20a service but we’re shaded so it could be worse. Her dogs make her stop over every time they go for a walk and we enjoy seeing them.

  Today starts our week of cub scout day camp. We setup at 3:30 then I go and get certified for the BB gun range. I did the BB’s last year but I wasn’t certified. We enjoy our time with the kids but at the end of the week we’re whipped. 

  Enjoy! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


  After having had the RV parked for around 2 months we hooked up the car and headed about 100 miles south to an Escapee Chapter 20 Rally. A good time was had by all with the only problem being the heat coupled with low park voltage. It was definitely better than cold and rainy. We sure ate more than we should have but that's what being around Escapee’s is all about, good conversation & good food.  When we came back north on Sunday we didn’t return to How Kola our home park but parked in our daughter’s driveway. She lives in Plains and the Cub Scout camp we volunteer at is going to be in Plains this year so we won’t have to get moving to early next week. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer. We are.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Hot Hot


  We normally enjoy all the warmth there is and rarely run the AC in the RV but to many 90 degree days has gotten to us and we have turned on the air. We had a nice 4th of July weekend but we are oh so happy the campground is back to it’s quiet self. In a little bit I have to drive down to the valley for my yearly heart doctor visit. Tomorrow we’re going to upstate NY to see Paula’s mom, Monday Paula has a dentist appt., and Wednesday we head down to the Escapee Chapter 20 rally. About as busy as we like to be.


Enjoy! Enjoy!

Tom & Paula 

Monday, June 28, 2010

It’s a girl

It’s official as it can be that our new grandbaby is going to be a girl. She’s due on Sept 10. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work Day


   With my back feeling better it’s time to get busy. I started WII excising again with Paula. Between yesterday and today I scraped and painted the deck and work bench. Nothing fancy as this will probably be our last year at our home park here in Pa. If all goes well we’ll spend next summer in Alaska and the following summer on the great lakes. We’ll miss our friend here at How Kola but it’s time to move on. Tomorrow both of us has doctor appts. and then blood work after which we’ll pick up my mom and take here to the cemeteries. Then we’ll head over to our sons to see there new pool. Then when we get back to the campground I’ll help Ed up the road with hid bedroom awning. Busy day and that’s good occasionally.

  We know we’ll be camphosting at Reed Bingham SP in Georgia in Dec but we haven’t  filled in the Nov. time slot yet. We’ve applied to 3 state parks in Ga. and the 1st one to call is the winner.

  Till next time   Enjoy! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day


  Yesterday we met up with some folks we know from the CARE center in east Texas. Doug & Sandi were on staff the 1st 2 years we volunteered at CARE. They were on there way to New England and stopped to camp in the Pocono Mtns. We went for lunch then stopped for a hour at the casino then went back to their camp site and had a great time reminiscing. Today were going to our daughters for dinner. Happy Fathers Day. Have a great day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching Up 2


   While in Rockport  we went to lunch with friends from class 2007, went to an oyster fest and visited with Joe & Leona who have workamped at the Lagoons forever. After a week we moved up to Livingston Tx about 60 miles north of Houston. We were about 2 weeks early for our volunteering at the Escapee’s CARE center but we let them know we were over in the park if they needed us and they did. On April 1st we officially began our month at CARE. We worked with a great group of volunteers for the month. May 1st we moved back over to the park to spend a few days with Ed & Hazel and then began our trip back to Pa. We toured the Foretravel plant in Nacogdoches Tx then stopped at Cass County Park for the night. The road to the park was long and very bumpy. We won’t stop there again. From there we moved up to Ark. to a COE park and settled in for a few days of doing nothing. We had the park pretty much to our selves and it was so nice and quiet. After that we went into travel mode stopping to sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots until we got to about 30 miles from How Kola our home park where we stopped at Promised Land state park to meet up with Carol & Ev. Since we’ve been back in Pa. I’ve had several dentist visits, been to breakfast every other Wed. with fellow Verizon retirees, we’ve had Connor up for several weekends, gone to upstate New York several times,  Philadelphia once,scout night at the local Yankee AAA team and visited with friend here at the campground.

  And now we are caught up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching Up


  Our last blog entry was 1/11/10 and today is 6/15/10 so it’s been awhile.

   After we left the Florida west coast we went  east to check out another RV. I was just what we wanted and after all the deals were made, papers signed and bank approvals the banks changed there minds because we have no permanent address. Even though Emily has been good to us we were ready for that extra 7 feet. We were disappointed and down so we decided it was time to leave Florida. On 1/29/10 we went up to Ocala National Forrest to say hi to Carol & Ev. They were camp hosting there. Plans are right now to travel with them to Alaska next summer. We decided to leave via US98 along the gulf coast. We stopped at Ho Hum Campground in Carabelle Fl. We ended up spending a week there. We pulled in to the site and all the view out our front window was the gulf and beautiful sunrises. From there we moved to a SKP park in Summerdale Al. They were celebrating Mardi Gras  while we were there with dinners, parades and entertainment. From there we moved over to St. Bernard state park just south of New Orleans. We have been to the Mississippi River and taken a steam boat down toward the mouth but I wanted to see how close we could get by car so we took  SR23 down to Venice. I’m so glad we did as that part of La. is now being destroyed by Corporate Greed. We followed US90 thru La and we did so enjoy the food. We made our way over to the Tx gulf coast. We stopped at Palacios so we could go to the Hotel Blessing to Sunday dinner. It’s one of our favorite places to eat. We moved down to Rockport for a week. We were disappointed as because of the cold winter the shrimp moved to deep water and were not as plentiful as they usually are.

   I’m using Windows Writer for the 1st time so I’m going to publish this for today

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold In Florida

We have been here in Bushnell, Florida for a week now. We haven't been warm since we arrived. We weren't warm before we got here either. It seems we haven't had really warm weather since we left the Rio Grand Valley last spring. This summer was rainy and cool, and the fall was worse. As for me, I'm ready for the warm sunny days that Florida is known for. I know it's the same all over the country. The north is worse off than here, and the northeast is just as bad. We get what we get, and live with it. We don't have to like it, but it will get back to normal soon.
Early this morning, between 5 and 6 the electric went out. I asked Tom where the clock was, and he said right there. I looked up at the window finding it really dark. Since there is a light right near us I knew what happened. Well, the bed got chilly really fast with no electric blanket. I got up and turned on the furnace. It took a while to warm up, and then the electric came back on. Right now it seems to be warming up.
We were going to the Webster flea market today. I can't see going in this cold, so we decided to stay home. I have some cleaning to do, but first I wanted to update the blog. Tom has some things he wants to get done also. At least I don't have to cook to day.
Yesterday a few couples from the class of 2007 got together at the home of Paul and Connie Anderson. They invited us for dinner of stuffed shells. We all took something to add. and we stuffed ourselves. Molly took a wonderful salad. Howie brought a dessert.(Nora was not feeling well so Howie came alone) Tom and I took some wine and the class cookies. I also took some of my sticky buns for Paul and Connie to enjoy. Of course she served some with the dessert. One things I can say about the class, we sure can cook, and we sure can eat what we cook. But the most important thing is the company. What wonderful, terrific friends we have made.
On Friday we took a trip down to Lazydays RV. We wanted to see what they have there. They have a good web site, and there were a couple of units there we wanted to check out. Nothing really seemed to stand out and grab us. We'll just keep looking. The Tampa RV show starts this week, and we have plans to go. Some out friends want to meet us on Thursday, and we might join them for a while. It'll be fun. Maybe something there will reach out and grab us. No hurry.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As some of you know, we had planned to go to the gulf coast to visit the SKP park in Summerdale, AL. Then the plan was a stop in Louisiana for some good Cajun food. Well, as can be done, our plans have changed due to the weather. As we were leaving Tennessee, it was so cold we thought we wouldn't get warm. We wanted to fill up with propane, and standing outside to get the job done was something we haven't had to contend with since we started full timing. Usually we are where it's warm and sunny, or move to someplace that fits the bill. This year we are having trouble finding such a place. It seems that Old Man Winter isn't going to cooperate for the near future. Here we are in Central Florida at the SKP park in Bushnell and it's very cold. The tank heaters go on at night, and the water hose gets disconnected. It seems the temps will go into the 20's again tonight, and it will be more of the same through the week-end. Some of our friends say that the Rio Grande Valley in Texas is a bit warmer. By the time we traveled there it hopefully will be warm here. Sometimes it happens like this. Luckily not often.
Today Tom had to take a trip to see a docter in the area. While home in PA. he banged is leg really hard on the bathtub, and has been having trouble with some swelling and pain. His foot was all black and blue, and it was hard to find his ankle. He was hoping that the bruising was because of his meds. The doctor confirmed as much, and told him it could take weeks to get completely better. What a relief. We were thinking it was worse that it is. Now we know we can still do some of the things we have planned to do here.
Last night I had a surprise call from one of my high school friends. Maggie lives in Port Orange, Fla. We talked for about a hour and a half. It was wonderful talking to her. Now we hope to connect with some of our 2007 classmates. Sunday we have been invited to Connie and Paul Anderson's for dinner. If all goes right, there will be about 8 of us. It's so great to know we can find someone we know most everywhere we go.
The last statement is really true. Just this week we have heard from Phoenix, AZ., Demming, NM., Tampa, Fla., Livingston, Tx,. Mercedes, Tx., also Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. What a life we live. It's terrific.