Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Good Day

First let me start by saying we are Mets fans. OK When you finish laughing you can read the rest......Done now? The reason we want the Phillies to win is because they are a National League team. They are also from PA. as are we. As I write this the Phils lead 1-0 with 2 on base. Go Phillies.
Today started off on a good foot with the sun shining and warmer than it has been.
Tom went out and washed the car and Emily, and it went down hill from there. I did some cleaning inside, and we took a break for lunch. The sun disappeared and sure enough during the afternoon it started to rain. It rained on and off. Right now there is no precipitation. The forecast is nice till Saturday, which is moving day. Oh well, it could be worse.
I did the pleasant job of defrosting the fridge today. It doesn't really take too long once you get started, bu you have to do something with all the food in the freezer while you do it. We have a nice size cooler and I fit everything in that. So it's all clean and shiny now.
Tomorrow we may go out and pick up a few things we need before we go to Cloudland. They have trick or treating there, so we'll have to pick up some candy or something for the kids who come along. If it rains we'll have to eat it ourselves. And of course some wine. Can't go far without it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cool Damp Day

The past couple of days have been rainy and cool. Today in the afternoon it finally started to clear out and the sun showed it face till sunset. Tomorrow should be better. I wanted to do the laundry today, but the facility here isn't so great. It has 2 each washer and dryer, one of each is out of order. We decided to wait till our next stop. I just wanted a fresh start when we leave here. Oh well.
I was going to make stew for supper, but it ended up to be really great vegetable beef soup instead. I just kept adding stuff I found in the fridge and cupboard. We have some left over, so that will be good to have on travel day. We just paid for a few more days here. At 2 bucks a day you can't go wrong. While the soup was cooking we watch a movie called "Camilla". It has Bridget Fonda and Jessica Tandy starring. Some of it was filmed at one of our favorite places. We both said at the same time, "Isn't that Jekyll Island?" If you have never been there, you won't be disappointed if you make the trip. It's on the coast of Georgia just north of Jacksonville, Florida. Somewhere in the blog are the pics, but they don't do it justice.
Tomorrow will probably be cleaning day. Tom has some things to do outside, and I have the inside to take care of. Maybe we'll be able to open the windows and get some fresh air in here. I've been fighting a sinus thing that I get every fall. It seems to be almost gone now. Just the post nasal drip left. I'll take that over not breathing at night. Of course, Tom doesn't get colds anymore since he drinks his green tea. He swears by it, and I think it works for him. Now it's time to watch the Phillies win the World Series. We hope.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cumberland State Park

As I told you all last post, we were on our way out to dinner at the State Park. We sure weren't disappointed. The catfish (the Friday special) was absolutely amazing. The salad bar was just right, and didn't hinder our appetite for the fish. Ton doesn't usually like fish, but this he was waiting for. It's lightly breaded and seasoned to perfection. It just melted in your mouth. There was also baked fish, roast beef and gravy, cold baked ham, cabbage salad (not our favorite), hush puppies(which weren't hard but soft and wonderful), mashed potatoes. greens, and a bunch of other good things to choose from. The desserts, spelled with double S because you want 2 helpings, were delicious. Cherry cobbler or hot brownie sundae that you could top with soft serve ice cream. Then of course their famous home made banana pudding. I went for the brownie, Tom for the banana pudding. Needless to say, we waddled on home. A wonderful ending to a rainy day.
Yesterday and today we went running around doing some errands. We've been having trouble with our car battery, and when we figured out it was the original that came with the car, we thought it was time we replaced the poor hard working thing. No Sam's Club here, and Wal-Mart doesn't carry it, so we went to Auto Zone. They had to get it from another store, so we went back today. We had been waited on by the store manager, and when we went back today he had ordered the higher priced battery, but gave it to us for the other price. Tom put it in, and off we went.
We also took the short drive over to the flea market. It's advertised to be the biggest in Tenn. It is quite large, but a good portion of the vendors are done for the year. It was still a good hours exercise. On the way home we stopped at the bakery outlet. It's hard for me to pass up a Hostess Snowball. We picked up a few things there and came on home.
Sunday is the day to check in with our Moms, and we did that, too. Now we'll call Connor, and relax for the rest of the evening. What a wonderful day. The sun is shining on the trees bringing out the lovely colors, and we just look out the windows watch the beauty. What could be better?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Creek Falls State Park.

As we leave behind the Raccoon Valley Escapee park we head west to our Coast to Coast home park at Crossville, Tenn. The location is perfect for those who like to visit some beautiful scenery. We took a trip yesterday about 25 mile away to the Fall Creek Falls State Park. Within the park is the tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mts. Also are a number of other falls that are quite beautiful. Add to that the colors of Autumn, and you have a wonderful day of beauty and exercise. The walk to see each of the different falls isn't very long, but some are rocky and steep. It's not for the folks who have trouble with knees or ankles. I suppose it would be difficult in the rain, I wouldn't want to slip and fall on any of the pathways.
You can also walk out on any of 3 suspension bridges that span out over the water. There are a number of hiking trails, including the one that goes to the base of the falls. The sign says it's not an easy hike, and it's not short. I imagine the view wuld be spectacular, though.
As nice as the day was, we had a somethiong great waiting for us on the way home. Just before you get into the park we spotted a place called the Fire House BBQ. Outside was a big smoker, and we decided to stop after the park. We were so anxious to get some good BBQ. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! The menu isn't large, but you do have some choices. We chose the BBQ sandwich and fries. It was juicy and warm, with just the right amount of sauce, and the mound of fries was just enough to finish filling up the tummy. When we come back to this area we;ll definately go back.
Today we are sitting tight waiting for the supper hour to arrive. The Cumberland Mt. State Park has a wonderful buffet. Each night they have a different special. Tonight is the catfish night. Tom has been waiting for this. Also their home made banana pudding. Saturday is rib night. Another night is fried chicken. Always at least 3 different meats. I'll write more about that tomorrow.
We are spending a very rainy and windy day inside. At least it's a little warmer. Hopefully it will continue to be. We've had enough of the 30 degree temps. After Christmas we'll get really warm.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Barb and Roy with Italian Food

Friday afternoon we pulled into the Escapees Park in Raccoon Valley Tennessee. Bard and Roy Dalton, who worked at CARE with us, are working here till the end of the month. We decided to go out to eat after Roy was done for the day. They took us to a new place called Gondoliers'. They have the best Italian food! First they give you fresh baked garlic bread sticks with dipping sauce. Then comes your big salad, and your appetizer. We chose bruchetta. It alone was terrific. By the time the main course came, we were wondering where we would fine a place in our tummies to put some of it. I managed about 1/3 of my Veal Roma. It's veal with eggplant and ricotta cheese, and the rest of the plate was filled with spaghetti. Then as always it's covered with some great sauce. I'm telling you. It is so delicious. Tom managed about 1/2 of his ravioli combination. Cheese, meat and spinach. We waddled on out without even thinking about dessert. It was hard to pass them up. Stuff like 5, ye 5 layer chocolate cake, and a pie that was about 8 inches high. I don't even know what kind it was. There just wasn't any room. Needless to say we took a couple of menus that had addresses of the others so we can have another great eating experience.
Today we went over to the ice cream social. Most, if not all, of the SKP parks have an ice cream social once a week. The days vary, but they are much the same. For a dollar you get a big hunk of ice cream, take it over to the topping table to put on what you want. Of course the toppings vary from place to place. This time I had cookie dough and Tom had strawberry. Yummy. Then we went for a walk around the park.
Now we are in for the evening and I think popcorn for me tonight. Tom had a bowl of cereal. Did I forget to mention that I fixed dinner today? Roast chicken, stuffing and gravy, peas for me, and cauliflower for Tom. Tuesday is pot luck. I still don't know what I'll make. It depends on what's in the freezer and the cupboard. Some folks say RVer's eat their way across the country. Maybe what they say is true. You can get some good recipes. Don't you wish you were here? We're glad we are.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Last Weekend at How Kola

Today is Friday and that means the final weekend for us here at home. By home I mean our home campground. Depending on the weather, we will be heading out on Wed. or Thur. Our daughter Robin has the day off from school for the holiday, and she is going to fix Tom supper and have a cake. That should be the end of the trips down the mountain. We'll take Connor home, and finish packing up. Most of the other folks here are already winterized, and those who aren't will be by Sunday evening. Some might come up for an afternoon and sit out, and some will stick it out till the last second. It's sad to say "so long" to folks knowing you won't see them till next July. The hardest is the grandson. We really miss him when we're away. He loves the packages we send him each month.
Yesterday we went up to see Mom. She seems pretty good considering, and we know she is well taken care of. The rest of my family is there, so I know she won't be lonely. We know she's happy we're doing this RVing thing. The scenery was soooo beautiful! I would say we picked the perfect day for the trip. The sun was shining on the mountains, and the trees where, I'd say, at their peak. It was a gorgeous day.
Today we took the Christmas tree and decorations from under the bed to leave them at Robin's house for the year. Since we are coming home for the holidays, we decided to leave them. It makes room for my bread maker, which really makes me happy. Now I can make sticky buns and cinnamon rolls when ever I want. Maybe even with cream cheese icing. Are you hungry yet? I always made them at home and sold batches of them during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've been missing it. I'm sure Tom will be glad we found room for it. Anyone who is likely to cross paths with us, please let us know. Maybe a batch will be waiting for you.
Drive careful.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Is Here

Now is the time for most of the RVers to hit the road going south. Tom and I are no exception. Emily has been scrubbed inside and out, and has a new satellite dome. It has been getting chilly here during the night, and the electric blanket is back on the bed. God's paintbrush has been busy with all of the maples and birch, etc., and the campground is beautiful. I went out yesterday for a short walk and took the camera with me. The sun was shining through the partly cloudy sky, and I think I took some great pictures. I put one on face book and everyone liked it. When Tom gets home (he's at breakfast with the guys) he will add some to this post.
As most of you know, we will be camp hosting in a State Park in Georgia for the month of November. Cloudland Canyon State Park is in the northwestern corner of the state just south of Chattanooga, Tenn. This will be our first try at camp hosting, and I think we should be fine. Anyone in the area please stop in to see us. We are anxious to start seeing our traveling friends again.It's nice being home, but we are getting antsy to get moving.
Connor will be spending the weekend with us. We'll be missing his birthday again this year, so we plan to take him out shopping and celebrating his birthday and Tom's. Tom will be 62 on Saturday, and can't wait for his National Park Pass. I should also mention is Social Security. But that won't come till December. Columbus Day falls this weekend so we get an extra day. I hope the weather stays fairly nice.
Tomorrow we plan to take one more trip up to see my Mom in upstate N.Y. It's supposed to be sunny and warm, so a day trip it is. Then all of our commitments will be covered and we will be free to leave when we are ready. It's been a very cool rainy summer, with a few warm days thrown in there. I think we had the air on twice just to see if it still worked. We have a nice shady site, and we don't really need it. I think we'll hit the road either Tuesday or Wednesday. On the move again....AHHHHH.