Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Creek Falls State Park.

As we leave behind the Raccoon Valley Escapee park we head west to our Coast to Coast home park at Crossville, Tenn. The location is perfect for those who like to visit some beautiful scenery. We took a trip yesterday about 25 mile away to the Fall Creek Falls State Park. Within the park is the tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mts. Also are a number of other falls that are quite beautiful. Add to that the colors of Autumn, and you have a wonderful day of beauty and exercise. The walk to see each of the different falls isn't very long, but some are rocky and steep. It's not for the folks who have trouble with knees or ankles. I suppose it would be difficult in the rain, I wouldn't want to slip and fall on any of the pathways.
You can also walk out on any of 3 suspension bridges that span out over the water. There are a number of hiking trails, including the one that goes to the base of the falls. The sign says it's not an easy hike, and it's not short. I imagine the view wuld be spectacular, though.
As nice as the day was, we had a somethiong great waiting for us on the way home. Just before you get into the park we spotted a place called the Fire House BBQ. Outside was a big smoker, and we decided to stop after the park. We were so anxious to get some good BBQ. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! The menu isn't large, but you do have some choices. We chose the BBQ sandwich and fries. It was juicy and warm, with just the right amount of sauce, and the mound of fries was just enough to finish filling up the tummy. When we come back to this area we;ll definately go back.
Today we are sitting tight waiting for the supper hour to arrive. The Cumberland Mt. State Park has a wonderful buffet. Each night they have a different special. Tonight is the catfish night. Tom has been waiting for this. Also their home made banana pudding. Saturday is rib night. Another night is fried chicken. Always at least 3 different meats. I'll write more about that tomorrow.
We are spending a very rainy and windy day inside. At least it's a little warmer. Hopefully it will continue to be. We've had enough of the 30 degree temps. After Christmas we'll get really warm.


MarkandRenita said...

Fall Creek Falls SP, never heard of it but its on our to do list now, thanks!

Bob and Molly said...

Great photos and you sure are making us hungry...that is some-kind-of-good eating!! We are headed to TN next week...maybe we will catch up to you!