Monday, June 28, 2010

It’s a girl

It’s official as it can be that our new grandbaby is going to be a girl. She’s due on Sept 10. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work Day


   With my back feeling better it’s time to get busy. I started WII excising again with Paula. Between yesterday and today I scraped and painted the deck and work bench. Nothing fancy as this will probably be our last year at our home park here in Pa. If all goes well we’ll spend next summer in Alaska and the following summer on the great lakes. We’ll miss our friend here at How Kola but it’s time to move on. Tomorrow both of us has doctor appts. and then blood work after which we’ll pick up my mom and take here to the cemeteries. Then we’ll head over to our sons to see there new pool. Then when we get back to the campground I’ll help Ed up the road with hid bedroom awning. Busy day and that’s good occasionally.

  We know we’ll be camphosting at Reed Bingham SP in Georgia in Dec but we haven’t  filled in the Nov. time slot yet. We’ve applied to 3 state parks in Ga. and the 1st one to call is the winner.

  Till next time   Enjoy! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day


  Yesterday we met up with some folks we know from the CARE center in east Texas. Doug & Sandi were on staff the 1st 2 years we volunteered at CARE. They were on there way to New England and stopped to camp in the Pocono Mtns. We went for lunch then stopped for a hour at the casino then went back to their camp site and had a great time reminiscing. Today were going to our daughters for dinner. Happy Fathers Day. Have a great day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching Up 2


   While in Rockport  we went to lunch with friends from class 2007, went to an oyster fest and visited with Joe & Leona who have workamped at the Lagoons forever. After a week we moved up to Livingston Tx about 60 miles north of Houston. We were about 2 weeks early for our volunteering at the Escapee’s CARE center but we let them know we were over in the park if they needed us and they did. On April 1st we officially began our month at CARE. We worked with a great group of volunteers for the month. May 1st we moved back over to the park to spend a few days with Ed & Hazel and then began our trip back to Pa. We toured the Foretravel plant in Nacogdoches Tx then stopped at Cass County Park for the night. The road to the park was long and very bumpy. We won’t stop there again. From there we moved up to Ark. to a COE park and settled in for a few days of doing nothing. We had the park pretty much to our selves and it was so nice and quiet. After that we went into travel mode stopping to sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots until we got to about 30 miles from How Kola our home park where we stopped at Promised Land state park to meet up with Carol & Ev. Since we’ve been back in Pa. I’ve had several dentist visits, been to breakfast every other Wed. with fellow Verizon retirees, we’ve had Connor up for several weekends, gone to upstate New York several times,  Philadelphia once,scout night at the local Yankee AAA team and visited with friend here at the campground.

  And now we are caught up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching Up


  Our last blog entry was 1/11/10 and today is 6/15/10 so it’s been awhile.

   After we left the Florida west coast we went  east to check out another RV. I was just what we wanted and after all the deals were made, papers signed and bank approvals the banks changed there minds because we have no permanent address. Even though Emily has been good to us we were ready for that extra 7 feet. We were disappointed and down so we decided it was time to leave Florida. On 1/29/10 we went up to Ocala National Forrest to say hi to Carol & Ev. They were camp hosting there. Plans are right now to travel with them to Alaska next summer. We decided to leave via US98 along the gulf coast. We stopped at Ho Hum Campground in Carabelle Fl. We ended up spending a week there. We pulled in to the site and all the view out our front window was the gulf and beautiful sunrises. From there we moved to a SKP park in Summerdale Al. They were celebrating Mardi Gras  while we were there with dinners, parades and entertainment. From there we moved over to St. Bernard state park just south of New Orleans. We have been to the Mississippi River and taken a steam boat down toward the mouth but I wanted to see how close we could get by car so we took  SR23 down to Venice. I’m so glad we did as that part of La. is now being destroyed by Corporate Greed. We followed US90 thru La and we did so enjoy the food. We made our way over to the Tx gulf coast. We stopped at Palacios so we could go to the Hotel Blessing to Sunday dinner. It’s one of our favorite places to eat. We moved down to Rockport for a week. We were disappointed as because of the cold winter the shrimp moved to deep water and were not as plentiful as they usually are.

   I’m using Windows Writer for the 1st time so I’m going to publish this for today