Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work Day


   With my back feeling better it’s time to get busy. I started WII excising again with Paula. Between yesterday and today I scraped and painted the deck and work bench. Nothing fancy as this will probably be our last year at our home park here in Pa. If all goes well we’ll spend next summer in Alaska and the following summer on the great lakes. We’ll miss our friend here at How Kola but it’s time to move on. Tomorrow both of us has doctor appts. and then blood work after which we’ll pick up my mom and take here to the cemeteries. Then we’ll head over to our sons to see there new pool. Then when we get back to the campground I’ll help Ed up the road with hid bedroom awning. Busy day and that’s good occasionally.

  We know we’ll be camphosting at Reed Bingham SP in Georgia in Dec but we haven’t  filled in the Nov. time slot yet. We’ve applied to 3 state parks in Ga. and the 1st one to call is the winner.

  Till next time   Enjoy! Enjoy!


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Chasingthe70s said...

The WII will give you a workout, and I hope it helps your back. I know how a bad back can get you down. Have FUN and we hope to see you down the road soon.