Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Beautiful Day in Florida


  It’s 9:30am 72 degrees and the sun is shining. Wow. The other day we we’re going into Wal-Mart and the Sally’s were ringing their bell and I said to Paula there’s something wrong with this picture. We only had shorts and tee shirts on and it was closing in on Xmas. Last Tuesday I was riding my bike and I saw a pickup with Disney characters on it and thought that sure looks like Bob & Linda’s and it was. What a pleasant surprise. We had a good week hanging out together. They have worked at Disney a few times and know there way around here. Tomorrow is travel day. We’ll only move around 60 miles north to Chambers Farm http://chambersfarm.org/Index.html in Fort McCoy. We’ll meet up (our neighbor here at Bee’s went up yesterday) with other Escapee Boomers. There is a  Pow Wow  with Indians from as far a Nova Scotia and we’ll spend the Thanksgiving weekend there. From there we’ll move up to Ga. to begin camp hosting at Reed Bingham state park. Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slowly Moving North


  The weather cleared up while we were at the SKP park in Wachula and I got the RV and car washed and the roof seams caulked. we stayed there a week and last Wed we moved about 90 miles to Clermont Florida which is a little NW of Orlando. This is one of the friendliest parks we have stayed at. This is a C2C park and usually we can only stay a week at a time but when we checked in the guy at the office said he would give us the $10 C2C rate if we wanted to stay longer which we probably will for another week. The 1st 2 days here I waxed the car & RV. Feel a lot better with getting that done. Friday they had an all you can eat Fish dinner and it was great as were the folks we sat with. Can’t wait until Tuesdays for the all you can eat chicken dinner. Yesterday we went down to Tampa to Camping World an got 2 new chairs and then went over to Lazydays to look at some RV’s. We took a 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor  out for a drive and was very impressed except for the high mileage coming in at over 42,000.  Some of the other units we looked at just didn’t have what we wanted. We’ll keep on looking. When we got home we went over to the clubhouse for an ice cream social and again had a good time with the folks we sat with. This morning we went to church here at the campground and stayed for social hour. Tomorrow we’re going to head over to Webster to one of the biggest flea markets. I go there for the fried green tomatoes and also the sausage and kraut sandwich.

  When we leave here we’ll move about 70 miles north to meet up with some Escapee Boomers at Fort McCoy where we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. Then we’ll head up to Reed Bingham state park in S Georgia to camp host for December. Hope the weather stays as nice as it’s been.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Florida


  We didn’t have the 200 trick or treaters that signed up At Skidaway SP but we imagine we had over a 100 ( a lot of candy left over). We went out and sat by the road so the kids just had to stop by. We were near the end of the the course that the park had laid out and the parents looked whipped. The next day we left for Daytona. After dumping I moved the RV to a spot to hook up the car and when I went to go outside the latch on the door broke. It took awhile before I was able to get the door open. After getting the car connected we traveled to Daytona without incident. We took a ride down along Atlantic Ave in Daytona Beach a couldn’t believe how dead it was. Condo type buildings and stores sitting empty. We got a hold of Maggie and met her at 5 Guys for dinner. 3 1/2 hours later we left 5 Guys. Yesterday we mover to a SKP park around 60 miles south of Tampa. Haven’t done much here as it’s been raining a lot. Hoping to get the RV washed and waxed over the next several days. Time will tell.