Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

  We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We spent the day at the campground. We went to church at 10 and had dinner at the activity center at 2. It wasn’t a pot luck like at most parks but a fully prepared meal. We sat with some folks from East Texas and had a good time. Today's our anniversary 41 years and still going strong. Not much to do in this area so we’ll head toward Bandera and when we see somewhere we think we want to eat we’ll stop there. We leave here on Wednesday so between today and tomorrow it’s get ready to travel mode. We are going to miss this park. It’s very peaceful and quite. The deer walking around all day make it very relaxing to us. This weekend the park was filled and it was still rather quite. We’re not sure where we are going on Wednesday. We were going to go to San Angelo to see Jan & Chuck but we hear they’re over at the CARE center training some new folks. We’ll give them a call later. If there gone we may go to Fredericksburg for a few days. After that we’ll make our decisions on the temperatures in Wyoming & Montana. Travel Safe Everyone 

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Quick Update

   Haven’t written for a while so here’s what we have been up to. We kept watching the weather over in the Mississippi Louisiana area as we wanted to spend some time there but it just didn’t seem to want to warm up. Since it was so beautiful in Florida we just stayed put in . We had been looking for a little bigger RV for a while now and one turned up in Florida. We are enjoying the extra space. Before we knew it it was the middle of March and we were just heading out of Florida. On our way to Texas we stopped in Abita  Springs La. The Acme Oyster House in nearby Covington has the best fully dressed best roast beef Po Boys I’ve ever had. They call it a 10 napkin and it is. Next we moved over to the  Coushatta Casino in western La. Crawfish were in season and they had a seafood buffet with all you can eat crawfish. We waited in line over a hour to get in but it was well worth it. From there we moved into Texas and to a COE park to meet up with some fellow 2007 classmates. We then stopped at the SKP park in Livingston. This is they park where we volunteer at the CARE center but not this year. I had a sinus infection while we were there and even though I wasn’t contagious I sounded like I was so I pretty much stayed away from the center.I missed visiting with the folks there. From there we settled in at the Lake Conroe TT. There was a Culvers down the road and since that is our favorite fast food restaurant and mostly only found in the upper Midwest we made it our first stop. While there we also went to Houston and visited Paula’s cousins and went to Coldsprings and had lunch with the Daltons & the Keiffers. After Lake Conroe we went into tourist mode visiting and touring the towns on Shiner (Shiner Bock is made there and we did tour the brewery), Gonzales ( the cannon that started the Texas independence war wasn’t there it was on loan in Houston), Gruene ( great shops and restaurant. We ate on the deck overlooking the Guadalupe River) & New Braunfels where we had a great German meal. We’re now in Medina Lake TT. We have stayed at campgrounds where deer wander around but nothing like this one.  Yesterday we went to Bandera Tx. the Cowboy Capitol of the World. Except for a day trip to San Antonio we’re pretty much going to be Lazy for the next week or so. As soon as the weather clears up north we’ll begin our trip to Montana. We’ll explore that area until Carole & Everett catch up and we begin our summer in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska. 



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