Thursday, April 12, 2012

Working our way slowly north

  When I wrote last we were going to a jazz concert in the park. The music was great and what a crowd. A lot of folks brought food with them or there was a few vendors. The local American Legion used it as a fund raiser by selling pop corn. It had a real small town community feel. At the campground we played another round of shuffleboard with the folks and my beginners luck held out and I came in 1st. We did enjoy our time at this park. From here we moved southwest to Labelle where we had a few nights of free camping. They were suppose to try and sell us a campsite but they never did. The folks were friendly but we just never felt comfortable there. From there we moved south to Big Cypress National Preserve which borders the Everglades. We stayed at a national park that with our America the Beautiful pass  it was only $10. We had a pond in front of the motorhome with a resident alligator. He was back and forth between the water and the woods. We did a lot of driving loops and walks in the area and there is no shortage of gators in south Florida. The only bad thing about the area is we had no phone or internet service for the week. From there we began our slow trek north. Next we moved up to Peace River Thousand Trails. When we had been there in Feb. the place was packed but at this time of year it was really thinned out. On Easter we went to church in the campground. The Pastor had been all year and we enjoyed his messages. He announced he would not be back next year. When we ran into him while we were out for a walk he said he would be preaching next year at a campground up the road and invited us to join them next year. After church we went to Nicholas’s, one of our favorite restaurants. On Monday we went over to Lake Placid Fl. the town of murals. We stopped 1st at the Chamber of Commerce and picked up a books telling about the murals and where they were located. We spent the next several hours walking around town. We were not only impressed with the murals but also how clean and well kept the town was. We are now at the Orlando Thousand Trails for the next 2 weeks. This will be our last stop in Florida. We have really enjoyed Florida this year and the weather has been perfect. We moved around quite a bit and never stayed longer than 2 weeks anywhere. Next year we have reservations in Tx. for 3 months at the same park. We have never stayed that long at a park before but we decided to try it.