Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally Summer

I know...It's about time I posted. We have had some lazy days and some busy days. It has rained so much this summer, it has been hard to find a few nice days together to do anything. We did manage to have 4 out of 5 days the week we helped with Cub Scout Day Camp. What a joy. Somewhere in the range of 60 kids. Tom helped out with the bee bee shooting range. Myself and Amy had charge of the Pixies. Those are kids whose parents are helping out elsewhere with the cubs. We had anywhere between 5 and 8 kiddos to keep busy. We hiked, explored, did crafts, and just played games. It was a terrific week. Our son Tom was the Program director. He did all the planning and had great special visitors everyday. One was the County Coroner, another was a deputy sheriff, and a State Trooper. I think they liked the trooper the best. He gave a really great discussion and answer time. But they really got excited when he opened the trunk and got to the good stuff. According to the scouts, anyway. When he started to pull out the riot gear and shot gun they got really excited. What a good week we had. If need be, we will be ready to go back next year. We were very tired every night, but we really enjoyed it.
The other night we went to St. Benedict,s summer bazaar. Man, talk about good food. Any thing you could think of in Northeaster Pa.bazaar food they had it. Of course we came home feeling over full. Most everyone in our campground goes at least one night. Good food at good prices and live entertainment. What a combination.
We have also spent lots of time at our daughter's house. (formerly ours) Yesterday we cut down 2 small trees. What a job that was! But the yard looks so much better. We still have some work to do up in the attic to get things where they belong. We've gotten rid of so much this year. We had a yard sale which didn't bring in much, but lots of stuff is gone. Some things went to Goodwill which is where it should have gone in the first place.
We've had some problems also this summer. Our GPS Nelly died. Now we have her sister who is the smarter of the two. She as lots of features Nelly didn't have. One of our lap tops bit the dust. We had just bought a new monitor because the screen cracked and stopped working. We had used it with a TV, but the new monitor took up much less space, which is important in a motor home. Then the compressor we had stopped. Now we have a bigger one. Also the weed wacker quit. I know there were other things that broke, but they were the big ones. Tank God it wasn't the fridge or furnace, or something big like that. We all know things like that happen once in a while. Ours just all happened at once.
I think that's enough for one post. The next one will have more news. We hope everyone is having a good summer. We are!