Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

No, we did not fall off the face off the earth. We are both busy here, but not like last year. We have a full crew of volunteers and all is running smoothly. Ed and Hazel have moved on to Lampasses to be with family. Stan and Stacy, 2 singles not together, have taken their place. We have Ted and Karen with us again this year, and new friends Carol and Everett. Bob and Diana have been here the longest. Everyone works well together. There is only a week left for us, and then we head south to warmer temps.
Christmas Eve will be the volunteer party for the residents. Tomorrow some of us begin cooking the goodies. I plan on making some fudge, and chicken wing dip. Maybe some other treats as well. I know we will have a nice array of good stuff to eat. Someone will read the Christmas story and then The Night Before Christmas. Some games are planned, as well as a Dirty Bingo. We always have a good time.
I have been down with quite a bad cold. I missed about 3 days of work, and now about 10 days later I am feeling more like my old (oops...not really old) self. I still am really tired in the evening, and fall asleep watching TV. That never happens. Tom yes, me no. Tom and some of the other folks were kind enough to fill in for me. I wasn't the first to get it, and I wasn't the last. Lots of folks have come down with it. I just hope that most of it will be gone for the holidays. We have been delivering quite a few meals lately.
It is mighty cold out tonight. I know it's not as bad as up north with all the snow, but we have have had unusually cold weather for this part of Texas. We've had snow, the earliest in 48 years, freezing temps, very high winds. But like they say here, stick around a bit and it'll change. Sure enough, it does. Trouble is it changes back. We can stick it out for another week.
We'll get out our e-mail card in a day or so. Best of the season to you all.