Friday, July 11, 2008

Beautiful Summer Days.

We have had some beautiful weather the past few days. Nice and warm with a nice breeze. The other day Tom gave Emily a good wash down, and I did some cleaning inside. We have been going down to the house to get things squared away. We take the trip about once a week to do laundry and help Robin out with some of the things "Dad" has to do. We still have a long way to go. She has changed things quite a bit. Some of our stuff she wants to keep, and some of it she wants us to get rid of, and some of it we will store in the attic. Anyone want a dining room set? Tom says I have enough fabric to start my own store. I'll have to make myself some shorts for the coming year.
Today I gave Jax a nice bath. I took an empty storage bin out by the outside shower and we had at it. He did pretty good with the water. He was happier when we finished. He thought the blow dryer was great fun. I found out his hair is very fine. When he gets wet he looks like one of those Chinese Crested. Those bald dogs with just hair on the feet and tail and the top of it's head. I brushed him and he loved it. He looks so shiny and he's so soft.
Tomorrow we are heading to Upstate New York for a graduation party for our great neice. They have come in from Wyoming because all of the family is there. It will be nice to see everyone. Tommy and Jenn and Connor will pick us up early in the morning since we are on the way. We'll come back in the evening.
The camp ground has filled up again for the week-end. You get some folks who are quite noisy, and some you don't even know are there. It is so different during the week. Over the 4th, last week-end, our neighbors Ed and Jane had a big dinner for the folks around our section. What good food. They cooked a big beef roast, sausage and peppers, and some seafood. There were lots of other favorites to chose from. We had a great spinach salad that Peg brought, and a delicious cake they had someone bake. Everything was sooooo good. Sunday I made breakfast for the same bunch. We had pancakes, bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy, 2 kinds of muffins, and an egg casserole from the recipe of Don and Ruth from CARE. Everyone was full and happy as they left. It was a great holiday week-end, Fireworks and all.
Our baby robins left the nest over the 4th also. They had left a mess, so I scrubbed the deck really good. I took the nest down and threw it away. Next year they can build somewhere else. Once was enough.
This week we will be taking some pics of the lilly pads down in the ponds just for Froggy Donna. They have bloomed so beautifully. I'm sure she'll like them. Man, this is the life.