Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting ready for the Fouth of July

We are really getting in to the working mode. On July 1 we will start the regular schedule. Three days on--two days off. Not bad. There are 3 shifts. We do the evening shift(5 -8), then the afternoon shift(1-5) and then the morning shift(9-1), then we have two days off and start it again. So when we leave at 1 we don't have to be back till the evening shift. It's like almost 4 days off. When we have a Friday or Saturday night it is a couple of hours longer. Who could ask for more. Chris(the owner) furnishes the shirts. He is so great to work for. He says take what ever you think you might need.
Today we are on in the evening. I suspect we will be getting folks coming in for the week-end. We are booked up full. There are activities planned, and since we are not on the schedule to work, we have volunteered to help out with the special activities that are planned. The golf carts have been decorated with red, white and blue, and the flower pots have flags, and the office has been decorated as well. We will put out our own decorations this afternoon. Our flag is always out. We are having a pancake breakfast, but there will also be biscuits and gravy. They say it is to die for. A bingo, and things for the kids.
Usually on holiday week-ends, Chris and Deb have a little get-together for the workers after the campers have gone on Sunday evening. John, one of the workers, has a smoker and is going to do turkey. The rest of us bring pot luck. It sounds great to me. Maybe I'll take some of my cheesy potatoes. They usually go over well.
We are really getting used to this place. It is feeling more and more comfortable. Nice folks, good food, and a good place to stay. This is the life.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Work Camping

Today is Tuesday, and we have been here a week. We really like this campground. The fellow work campers are great friendly folks, and I'm sure we will have a great summer. If anyone gets up to Minnesota please come to check out the St Cloud Campground. It is mostly filled on week-ends. It's quiet, and peaceful. In fact, we can't believe how quiet it is. They have a nice pool, and a rally center that is mainly used for club rallies.The playground is kid friendly, and is outfitted with lots of things to play on. This coming week-end we are have a pancake and sausage breakfast, bingo, and some kind of animal races they play with dice. I'll let you know more when we find out exactly what it is.
Sunday we went to a couple of parks on the Mississippi River. They were really peaceful-a good place to take a book and veg out for a few hours. When we came home we got ready for our little welcome get-together. We had subs, and fixin's.
It has been so hot here it's a relief to go to the office to work. Poor Tom has to stay outside. There is LOTS of grass to cut here. The other day he had to bundle up wood. He has it harder than I do. I sit in the office and make reservations, and check people in. Among other things. We had a really bad hail storm here last week-the hail was as big as golf ball- and the park has quite a few insurance adjustors and contractors, and they are coming in and wanting monthly sites. We are just running out of room to put them all. The reason being, there is a pipeline being built, and some of those folks are here also. Plus we have rallies scheduled for some week-ends, and of course the holiday week-ends. Keeps us on our toes. With a little shuffling, Chris manages to fit them in somehow.
Today is supposed to be in the 90's, and we go to work again this evening. It will be somewhat cooler when we get back. Last night we needed the air conditioning for a bit. Other than that we have quite a nice breeze and a very nice shaded site.
Well, it's time to go galavanting. Tom wants to go out for a bit. We still get confused on some of the streets. By the end of the summer we will know where we are going.......SOUTH

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

St.Cloud, Minnesota

Well, we made it to St. Cloud. What a nice trip we had. The first two nights we were in Mercer, Pa. A friend of ours, Lori, and her son Justin, came to have dinner with us. He is our grandson's age. They brought the dessert. Of course, that was the best part of the meal. We tried to get to share some time with Linda and Ron, but they are work camping and were extremely busy getting ready for a special event coming up in a week or so. We stayed at a great campground. Plantation Park. We used our Coast to Coast card, and only had to pay for one night. Gee, $8.00 for 2 nights. Who can beat that. The only thing that went wrong was a incident with our dishes. Before we left, I took half of our kitchen dishes with us so that we could eat from real plates. Well, we had to turn around because the gas station we picked was not such a great in and out station. We found a huge spot. Even had a tractor trailor there. Much to our dismay, it also had very deep ruts that were camoflaged. We went bumpity bump and the dishes all came crashing out of the cupboard. And boy, do I mean crashing. We have only a few chipped pieces left. Hence, we are on a dishes quest. Connor would call it a mission.
Tuesday was really a do nothing day. We can do that. We are fulltimers!
Wednesday we were off to Pioneer, Ohio. Our destination was Love Berry's Funny Farm campground. It was a Passport America park. They had a great pool, and it was a good place for kids. The days travel went well, with not much construction.
Thursday we were off to Marseilles, Ill. We went via Michigan. The state border is right near the campground. Tom was determined to get into Michigan. So after a little detour, because of constuction, we went through Michigan, too. For about 3 miles. Then we were back on the highway. Two days of toll roads. Yuck!!We could have picked a better campground. I would not recommend Glenwood RV Resort. The place looks like it has seen better days. The roads were pretty bad. I held the cupboards shut this time. We were parked in an open field, which wasn't to bad until we shut off the motor. Then we heard them.......The Cicadas. Loud is putting it mildly. They did quiet down at night. We were on the western edge of the eastern time zone, so it stayed light out till almost 10:00. We were up and at it early the next day.
Friday we were on our way to Madison , Wisconsin. What a nice place. There are lots of beautiful parks. They have numerous biking and walking trails. Miles of them. They connected park to park. We stayed at a really nice little county park. We set up and took off to visit my Aunt Jean, who lives in an assisted living facility there. We haven't seen her in quite some time. She was so happy to see us. Traffic was terrible. Boy, do they drive fast.
Saturday morning we went to the farmers' market in Madison. They close the roads around the Capital Square, and it is lined with vendors. We picked up some fresh veggies, some fresh bread, and a really great meat pie. There was this little store that sold them just off the square. You had your choice of fillings. We picked mozzarella, ground beef, and sauce. Yummy!!! We took Aunt Jean some apple turnovers. My cousin Bonnie came and visited with us. It was so good to see her. I'm so glad we took the time to stop here to see them.
Sunday had us on the road again. We were headed to a Corp of Engineers campground near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We only had electric hookup, but water was close by, and who needs sewer for one night? It reminded us of where we used to take the kids when we had the pop-up camper years ago. Out in the woods with birds singing, and peepers peeping. We just sat outside till we got tired. We were thinking of staying 2 nights.
Monday we decided to get up and get going. The bad weather they were predicting was suppose to come in late afternoon, so we thought we could get to St. Cloud before it hit. WRONG! We ran into the rain about a half hour before the campground. We had to pull off the exit, and find a place to wait it out. It only lasted a few minutes, and we were on our way again.
We finally got to the place we will call home for the next few months. What a nice place. Everything is clean and well kept. In the office we met Jeanne. What a nice greeting. The owner Chris, came after lunch, and showed us where to park for the next 2 weeks. Our permanent place is rented out for the month of June, because we couldn't give them an exact date of arrival. Any site here is nice. I think we will be very happy in St Cloud.
Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart to get some things for outside. A couple of flowers, bird seed, stuff like that. $100.00 later we went home. It looks more like home now that I have my chimes out, and my wind charms up. Today Tom washed Emily's face. She had bugs all over her. Even a cicada in the grill. She looks much better. I did some cleaning inside, and the laundry, because tomorrow we start work. We only have to work 4 hours a day, 3 days in a row, 2 days off. Not bad.
It has been very hot ever since we left home. Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today it was hot and muggy again. Just after supper we had a bad storm. Nickel sized hail. What a racket it made in the motorhome. We had some finches come after the storm, and a woodpecker at the suet. What could compare to this. A nice place to stay for doing what we would be doing at home. Birds singing chimpmunks scooting, and good people to call friends. Life is good.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

We are finally ready

Well, tomorrow is the big day. After church we will pack up the Tracker with whatever is left to pack and head out for camp. We'll finish stowing Emily and clean out her holding tanks, and Monday we head West. Then we can call ourselves fulltimers. It's been a busy week, but we finally are ready. I know there are some things we probably won't use, and some things we will want that we won't have with us. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have sold the house and try to get rid of all of the STUFF. Now the stuff is the responsibility of our daughter. Next year at this time that will have to be decided. This year is our time for ourselves. We'll try to make the most of it.
Now it's time to get a good nights sleep and rest up for the first leg of our adventure. Linda and Ron, we are on our way. See you down the road.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Starting Our Grand Adventure

It's been awhile since I've had an entry, but now it's time to start our grand adventure. We have been busy for about 2 weeks trying to get ready to take our trip. Tom is getting very nervous about forgetting things to take. We have notes all over the place. We have so much of our "stuff" in the motorhome, that we may not have enough clothes at home to get us through the next week. It's a good thing the campground is only about 35 minutes away. It seems strange to close up our campsite so soon after we got everything set for the year.
Tom has been up with Emily since about 10:00 this morning. He wanted to change her oil and greased her good before we start out. We still have a few things to pack, but we have some room left. I'm sure sometime around August we will be looking for something we don't have. We even managed to fit in my sewing machine. I need it for my weaving.
We really have to manage out time left. Our grandson's preschool graduation is Wednesday evening, and he is staying overnight with us. Thursday Connor will be here all day, and in the evening is a family dinner, Saturday we have a wedding, Sunday is church. See what I mean? We have to fit in haircuts, and a doctor appointment. Sunday night we will stay at the campground, and leave early Monday morning.
We plan to stay in western Pa. for a couple of nights to visit our friends Ron and Linda. They are volunteering at a wildlife refuge out there. If anyone happens to be near where we are, give us a headsup, we'll see if we can get together. We'll have our computer and our cell phone. If you need the number or email address, click the word comments at the end of the blog entry. Let us know. Now I have to get going and get ready to slow down. We are very excited. Life is good.