Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting ready for the Fouth of July

We are really getting in to the working mode. On July 1 we will start the regular schedule. Three days on--two days off. Not bad. There are 3 shifts. We do the evening shift(5 -8), then the afternoon shift(1-5) and then the morning shift(9-1), then we have two days off and start it again. So when we leave at 1 we don't have to be back till the evening shift. It's like almost 4 days off. When we have a Friday or Saturday night it is a couple of hours longer. Who could ask for more. Chris(the owner) furnishes the shirts. He is so great to work for. He says take what ever you think you might need.
Today we are on in the evening. I suspect we will be getting folks coming in for the week-end. We are booked up full. There are activities planned, and since we are not on the schedule to work, we have volunteered to help out with the special activities that are planned. The golf carts have been decorated with red, white and blue, and the flower pots have flags, and the office has been decorated as well. We will put out our own decorations this afternoon. Our flag is always out. We are having a pancake breakfast, but there will also be biscuits and gravy. They say it is to die for. A bingo, and things for the kids.
Usually on holiday week-ends, Chris and Deb have a little get-together for the workers after the campers have gone on Sunday evening. John, one of the workers, has a smoker and is going to do turkey. The rest of us bring pot luck. It sounds great to me. Maybe I'll take some of my cheesy potatoes. They usually go over well.
We are really getting used to this place. It is feeling more and more comfortable. Nice folks, good food, and a good place to stay. This is the life.

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