Monday, July 2, 2007

July 1 week-end

Let me just tell you, the week-end past very quickly. Saturday we helped with the root beer floats. It was really busy there for a while. Then came the animal races. What a cute concept. 6 little stuffed animals on sticks race against each other. The sticks are cemented into numbered flower pots. A grid is drawn with chalk on the floor, 6 squares across and about 20 squares long. Anyone who wants to play gets to buy 1 or 2 numbered chips for a quarter each. The chips are pulled from a pot. The number on the chip tells you what animal to root for. A caller rolls 2 colored dice. One tells which animal to move and the other tells how many squares. Anyone with a chip that matches the number of the winning animal gets to split the pot with other winners. The kids just loved it. I thought is was great fun. I love it when kids have so much fun.
Sunday morning we had to set the alarm. (What's an alarm). We use it so much, Tom couldn't remember how to turn it off. We were going to the pancake breakfast. By the time we arrived at the Rally Center, some of the folks were already cooking. We not only had pancakes and sausages, but we also had biscuits and sausage gravy. I poured the juice, while Tom made sure the supply of cups never ran out. The workers ate before everyone else started to arrive. Tom chose the pancakes, while I had the biscuits and gravy. Everything was delicious. After the Rally Center was all cleaned up, we went off home. We enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon.
After dinner, we went back up to the Rally Center for bingo. There were many 4th of July celebrations and festivities going on in and around town, so the turn-out for bingo wasn't quite as expected. Be that as it may, we all had a good time. Tom and I had offered to do the concessions. Some chips, candy bars, soda, and water. After it was all over, we helped with the cleanup, and closed up the Rally Center. We walked back home and sat out till the bugs started to bite, then came inside.
I think anyone who camped here for the week-end had a really good time. I know we all did our best to make sure they were all happy. And they call this WORK camping???

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