Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pot Luck and friends.

Sunday was our pot luck appreciation dinner. John smoked the turkey, which was delicious, and everyone brought a dish or two. I took bacon cheesy potatoes, and I made a batch of brownies. Everything was very good. It seems with pot luck you always get a good variety.(Except the one time at church when everyone took vegetables.) I took some pictures so you all can see some of the folks we work with. We cover up the pool table, put on a table cloth, and fill it up with food. That way whoever has that shift can be included in the fun.
Yesterday we had the morning shift. It was getting really warm by the time we came home. We finished up the potatoes left over from the party, and had sausage patties for supper. The rest of the time we just lazed around. Today it was hotter than yesterday. We turned on the air late in the morning. I made a pot roast in my electric pot, which I plugged in outside. I threw in some potatoes and carrots. I also made some biscuits, and boy was it good. I brought it inside to eat, where it was cool. Tomorrow is left-overs, which are usually just as good, if not better.
We have plans to go to Camping World tomorrow. We told Chris we will pick up what ever he needs. He said he would fax it over to them. They have some chairs on sale that we would like to purchase. The ones we have are beginning to be not so reliable. It will be nice to have some extras. Our loungers have been getting a work out the past couple of days. We have been doing a lot of reading, it's to hot for much else.
The weather forecast is just more of the same.....only hotter. Climbing up to about 97 during the rest of the week. I'll be in the office which has air, but poor Tom will have to be outside. We always have our water with us, so we'll just have to have extra. He can always stop and pick up another cold bottle while he makes his rounds. It's still better than snow and cold!!!

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