Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Site

This is where we are living until October 12. The sign post has our names, and where we are from. Tom worked today to put the pictures in for me. Now I can show you all the beautiful birds we have here. Maybe some other wildlife. You can see by the color of the grass that we haven't had much rain. We did get some last night, but not enough.
We are, again, filled up for the week-end. This time you can hear some kids from the upper part of the campground. We also have more dogs than usual. Today we saw a pair of little black long-haired doxys. Of course we are partial to doxys because of George the granddog. There is also a pair of Goldens this week-end. A few days ago we had a Rodesian Ridgeback. What a really nice dog.
We are back to work tonight after 2 days off. We did the regular day-off stuff... laundry, groceries, etc. Today we got the humming bird feeders filled. We had one come by our window feeder already. Of course the finches are always here. Wait till you see the orioles. What beautiful birds. The male is, of course, the most colorful. There are no trees in our site, so we have to use shepherds hooks to hang things from. Everything looks nice in all the work campers sites. They are all fulltimers, and have all the bells and whistles with them. Some have worked here before, so they are old hands at this.
Tomorrow is the pot luck party for all the workers and volunteers. I am making bacon-cheesy potatoes to take. Maybe some brownies. One of the workers has a smoker and is doing turkey for us. The food should be really great. Good friends and good food. How good can it get!

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