Sunday, July 17, 2011


  Last post I wrote that 6 SKP rigs pulled into our campground in Talkeetna and we did have a great happy hour. The next day we moved over to Anchorage. We found Anchorage to be like any other big city. Everyone was in a hurry and had no patience for us tourist on the road. We visited earthquake park, saw an earthquake movie where the seats shook at certain parts. We went to check out a gift shop at a 1st Nation hospital but it was closed for the 4th of July weekend. Fire works weren’t set to go off until midnight and it only got dusk at that time so we didn’t go. We went to the market on 3rd St. and ran into the Rhinehimers & Kings. The 3rd town we have met up with them. I had another halibut taco at the market and it totally different than any taco I have ever had. Not sure what was on it but it was good. We usually stay away from chain restaurants when we’re someplace new but there was a Golden Coral there and they are my weakness so we went and it was gooooood. We got up at 5 one morning and drove to Turnagain Arm with hopes of catching a Bore Tide but no luck. We did see a beautiful swan and the scenery was worth the ride.

  After leaving Anchorage we traveled down to Seward. The ride down was absolutely beautiful. The 1st thing we did there was take a boat ride. A sea otter gave us a send off as we left the harbor. We saw porpoises,sea lions,puffins and all kinds of different birds. The best was the whales. 2 adults & a young one. They really put on a show. Another day we went and visited Exit glacier. We followed the trail up to the glacier and we were able to stand on it. Quite an experience after seeing so many glaciers ever since Glacier NP. On the trail who did we cross paths with but the Rhinehimers & Kings. Later in the week the Devonshires pulled into our campground. We keep crossing paths with our friends. The Sea Life center was a nice way to spend part of an overcast day. The last place we visited in Seward was Bear Creek Weir.  This weir is used to count sockeye and coho salmon smolt emigrating from Bear Lake in the spring and sockeye and coho salmon adults returning to the lake during the summer and fall. We were sitting on the creek bank taking pictures of the salmon as they jumped the water fall and cheering on the ones that were struggling to make the jump. I heard Paula say Ohhh Tom and I turned my head toward her. What we had was a grizzly bear about 15 feet away and we were in between  him and lunch. We slowly got up and walked the path out to the road and into our car.

   From Seward we next traveled to the other side of the peninsula to Homer. Homer has the Homer Spit. The spit is a 4.5-mile (7.2 km) long piece of land jutting out into Kachemak Bay. We parked on the spit at a city park. The view out our front window was crashing waves. There tide here are quite different. At high tide the water was about 15 feet from the RV and at low tide about a football field away. While at Homer we took a boat ride over to an old fishing town of Seldovia. When we got back to our car we had a note from the Rhinehimers & Kings that they were in the campground next to where we were parked so we stopped over to say hi. We also went to dinner with then and another couple at the Elks. There visitor center in Homer was one of the better ones and they also had a trail setup along some marsh and down to the beach. We had no wildlife sighting except for an eagle, which is still special even though we see several every day, but we were told about a bakery that was along the trail where it came out to the road. We picked up some sticky buns and they were delicious. While parked at the beach we enjoyed all the activity out our front window. We watched freighters, fishing boats, cruise ships, eagles, sea otters, kite fliers, wind surfers, kayaks. & horse back riders. We took some scenic drives that overlooked Homer, the bay, and Several glaciers. We did enjoy our time in Homer but today we moved up to Ninilchek.


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