Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still in Pa.

  We’ll be in Pa. for another month but boy I’ve got some hitch itch. Our short trips are not getting rid of it but once we leave we probably won’t be back for a year. It’s going to be harder than ever to stay gone that long this time. Explain later.

  Since we got back from upstate NY we’ve had our grandson for a few days, been to several of his soccer games, went to our local high school football game ( our daughter is the adviser for the HS cheerleaders), went to the dentist some more, and went to breakfast with about 15 telephone company retirees. They go to breakfast every other week and I go when I can.

  At one time I had to have the newest in techno stuff. Over the years I got away from that. Even with computers I’m using XP and have no desire to upgrade. When they get all loaded up with junk I wipe it all clean, load back up what I want and start over again. Same with our cell phone. We had a phone that was closing in on 5 years old and the battery life was not getting any better. Well I’m back in the newest and greatest phase again. I ordered a Verizon Droid X and got it last Wed. I doubt I’ll learn it all by the time it’s time to trade it in but I think I’ll have fun trying.

  It’s always hard to leave Pa. as by the time we get back our grandson has grown and changed so much. This time it’s going to be twice as hard. On the 10th our granddaughter Amelia Helen Nankivell arrived. She is so beautiful and she will change so much in the year we are gone,It’s going to be tough. They should be heading home as I write. Paula is going to make their meals for the next week so that should help in their adjustment to the real world.

  Tomorrow we plan on going to the rv show in Hershey and Friday we get our flu shots. Besides spending time with family that’s about all we have planned.

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