Tuesday, February 24, 2009

South Padre Island.

Yesterday we were supposed to go over to South Padre Island. When we got up it was soooo cold. I know you folks up North won't feel sorry for us, but is was in the low forties. Needless to say we didn't go anywhere near the water. I put on some working clothes and got started. First came the sweeping and mopping the floor. Then came the polishing of the wood. There's a lot of wood in a RV. Before lunch I got the front done. After lunch I hit the bedroom and the bathroom.
Today was a good day to go. It was really warm by the time we got there. We had to find beach access that was free. Most of the places had these little building that wants $4.oo. We didn't know if it was for the car or each of us. We ended up at this really nice stretch of beach that really only had a few folks. We wondered where all the birds were. Then someone brought out some bread or something, and the birds came from out of nowhere.
The area there is strictly tourist trappish. Next week when the spring breakers come it will be very busy. We have been told not to attempt to go the whole month of March. For us it wasn't anything special, but we do so love being by the water. We ate our lunch on the beach and stayed till about 2:oo. It was a great day.
For supper we had BLTs and cole slaw. Tom made the comment that it is a summer meal. Well. I feels like summer. They tasted good. Really fresh veggies make everything taste good. Now we are out of tomatos. We'll have to go somewhere tomorrow for some more. We'll see. We don't have to do anything if we don't want. What a life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revisiting Spots

Over the weekend we stopped back at the Don-Wes flea market. There are a couple of stalls that sell crocs for $6. I wanted a different color than the bright pink I bought before. The only colors they had in my size were bright green and red. I took them both. Tom also took a pair. We got them all for $5 a piece. As we walked up and down the rows I found a stall I didn't know was there. It had all kinds of colors, but 3 pair is enough. Of course we went across the street to buy fruit and veggies.
Yesterday we went back over to Mexico. Tom wanted to check another place for glasses. They aren't that much less than here. We decided to get them here in the states. If something goes wrong, we can always get them fixed. We won't always be near Mexico. For the 20 or so buck difference we think it will be worth it. I tried to find a turquoise ring. They didn't have all that many. Not any I wanted. They sell a lot of pendent/earring combos, but I don't need that. I just want a ring. We'll be in New Mexico at "The Rally", so I might be able to pick up what I'm locking for there. They have lots of Indian stores there.We'll see.
Tonight we went to the Harlingen Elks for supper. Wednesday is spaghetti night. It's "all you can eat", so if you go away hungry it's your own fault. They start you off with so much I don't know how anyone could go back for more. They let you come back for more sauce if your spaghetti get to dry. With a small salad and all the bread you want, it's a great meal for $5. They have lunch meals there also. We may go get the pork tenderloin one day. So much to eat, so few days. We'll have to go on a diet when we leave here. I have to tell the RVers out there about the 15 spots they have for camping. For $8 you can get water and electric. There is a dump station on sight. Not a bad deal. You can stay for quite a while. They have a huge pool, but it wasn't open when we were there. They have shower house with rest rooms, so you don't have to use the dump station so often. You have to be a member of the Elks, and they ask only that you go have a dinner when available.
Tomorrow we go for lunch with the Chapter 19 folks. Another big lunch, but no supper. We usually don't want any supper after the Golden Corral. The company is also super. The chapter is really active, and does some fun outings. That's why we joined. Then it's on to Wal-Mart for a few things.
It has been really warm here the past couple of days. Even humid. Right now we have the fan on and the windows open at 9:00 at night. All you folks in Florida wanting warmer weather should have come to the valley. We really recommend it. We'll be coming back for sure.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fig Tree Park

On Thursday we left Mission and came here to Harlingen. It's about 40 miles east of Mission. We are so much closer to things we like to do. We knew right away we would like this park. The folks are so friendly. Everyone waves and says HI.
Last night we went to the horse races. They have six little wooden horses that move accordingly with what is rolled on 2 dice. You can bet on as many horses as you want, and each bet costs a quarter. We did manage to win one race. Our take was $1.25. It was great fun, and we met some great people. The races took place after the beef stew dinner. I thought it was way too hot for stew, and Tom agreed. Tonight they had fish fry. It was like a pot luck. We didn't go to that either. It was 92 this afternoon, with a beautiful breeze. Lots of the folks were inside with the air on. We are just absorbing the warmth.
We did get some chairs. Not the ones we want, but they will do till we find some rockers. Also we went to the flea market today. I picked up 2 more pair of crocs, and Tom picked one also. Then it was off across the street to get some fruit and veggies. The produce is so abundant here. One thing they don't have is strawberries. Oh well, tomorrow I will make orange juice which I really love.
They have a very nice library here. I have exchanged some of the books I have read for new ones. Most parks have "take one-leave one" rules. Some have so many books they just want you to take them. I can usually find what I want. They have a nice pool and shuffle broad courts. We'll get better acclimated before the month is out. We have lots we want to do this week. It's nice to know we have all the time we need.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Traversing the Valley

Over the past few days we have been to quite a few RV Parks around here. Our month is up on Thursday, and we have been talking about moving east a little. So many of the things we do and places we go are down that way. It will also give us a better feel for where we would come back to. The park we are in presently is Sleepy Valley in Palmview. That's just west the Mission city limits. We like the park and the folk. They have been very nice and friendly.
During the Chapter 19 lunch and meeting on Thursday, we learned of some parks that have openings. Some we went to see are out of our price range, and some just weren't what we are looking for. You can sure pick and choose, except in February. Everything seems to be full. Tom did some hard work on the computer, and made an on-line reservation with a place called Snow to Sun. He called today to find out what time we could come in, and they have no record of the reservation and nothing available. Boy, I've seen him happier! He sent an e-mail to the company, and did get a call back. He had a conversation with someone, and let them know how unhappy he was.
This morning we took a trip down to Riverside Club. The Chapter 19 folks were going on a River Cruise. About 11:00 we boarded the boat, and off we went down river. We got just so far then turned around and went up to the dam. The boat tuned back around and back we went back to the resturant. We had to wait a very long time to have our order taken. When the food finally came it was fantastic. They have a pork tenderloin sandwich that fills the whole plate, and everyone who ordered that said that it was worth the wait. It looked amazing. Tom had chicken fried steak and I had chicken fried chicken. It was OK, but we were wishing we had the tenderloin.
The food was good, but the boat ride was sort of boring. I would say save your money. You can see the river just standing there on the bank.
When we got home Tom got a call from the manager of the company that has that Snow to Sun park. She wanted to see if she could shuffle things around to see if we could have a spot. Well, we could honestly tell her we had made other plans. While we were waiting for lunch we talked quite a bit about other places with our new friends. We heard about Fig Tree park. They are staying there now, but leaving soon. We called, they had room, that's were we will go on Thursday. Now that we know where we are going we will get ready tomorrow. We will go minus our chairs. The seats on both of them have just ripped apart. They are really nice rockers, but there is no way we can repair them. They are all rivoted and I just can't see anyway to make other seats.
Now we have a new mission. New chairs. We'll find what we want someplace. On to our next spot. Something new to explore and take in. No doubt something wonderful.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Great Trip South of the Border

Yesterday we took off about 9:00 for Mexico. I guess Tuesday is a good day to go because it wasn't to awfully crowded. It was really pleasant just walking the streets. We really did lots. We have been looking for a good price for Volfenac. It's a anti-inflammatory gel that works quite well. We kept going into all the pharmacies, and let me tell you, there's a lot of the. I was also in the market for some turquoise earrings. I kept looking till I found what I wanted. A haircut was also on the list. I cut Tom's, but Tom DOES NOT cut mine. I found a terrific place, sat in the chair, waited about 5 minutes, and got the job done. Five bucks. That's right. Just the way I wanted. Off we went.
A great place to eat in Progresso is Aurturo's. It's in the first block as you go over the bridge. We had heard of it through another blog. Donna and Stu had been there and really enjoyed it. We ordered the Taco Trio. It was a combination of three tacos (beef, pork, and shrimp), re fried beans, and rice. It was really yummy. I have to say though, it is a different taco than Algodonas south of Yuma. Good none the less. The first thing you get when you sit down is chips and salsa and taco sauce. Tom says the salsa was excellent. I don't eat raw onions, so you have to take his word for it. With a couple bottles of water we were pretty happy.
Out we went to finish up shopping. I was looking at some jewelry and Tom was in another pharmacy. He didn't come out for a while, so I went back to find him. He was buying the Volfenac. We got 5 tubes for $2.80 each. That's a good price, as many of them were selling for $3.95 and higher. I was happy with that.
Next came my hat. I had seen one earlier int he day, and I told the guy I would be back after my haircut. He was surprized to see me. He said "I remember you, nobody comes back", they just say that. He had told me $10.00 in the morning, now he wanted 12. Well, I only paid 10.
After all the little purchases we headed back over the bridge. Customs was quite easy. No Line. There is this ice cream place on this side of the bridge where you can get 2 banana splits for $2. We stopped there last time and again this time. Not bad for a buck. We got in the car and headed out. We stopped a a vegetable stand and got some cabbage and tomatoes. I made some cole slaw this morning for dinner tonight. It'll go good with the pork BBQ I made .
Today is another nice day. A beautiful breeze, and up in the high 70's. What more could anyone ask for. We'er lovin' it.