Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Great Trip South of the Border

Yesterday we took off about 9:00 for Mexico. I guess Tuesday is a good day to go because it wasn't to awfully crowded. It was really pleasant just walking the streets. We really did lots. We have been looking for a good price for Volfenac. It's a anti-inflammatory gel that works quite well. We kept going into all the pharmacies, and let me tell you, there's a lot of the. I was also in the market for some turquoise earrings. I kept looking till I found what I wanted. A haircut was also on the list. I cut Tom's, but Tom DOES NOT cut mine. I found a terrific place, sat in the chair, waited about 5 minutes, and got the job done. Five bucks. That's right. Just the way I wanted. Off we went.
A great place to eat in Progresso is Aurturo's. It's in the first block as you go over the bridge. We had heard of it through another blog. Donna and Stu had been there and really enjoyed it. We ordered the Taco Trio. It was a combination of three tacos (beef, pork, and shrimp), re fried beans, and rice. It was really yummy. I have to say though, it is a different taco than Algodonas south of Yuma. Good none the less. The first thing you get when you sit down is chips and salsa and taco sauce. Tom says the salsa was excellent. I don't eat raw onions, so you have to take his word for it. With a couple bottles of water we were pretty happy.
Out we went to finish up shopping. I was looking at some jewelry and Tom was in another pharmacy. He didn't come out for a while, so I went back to find him. He was buying the Volfenac. We got 5 tubes for $2.80 each. That's a good price, as many of them were selling for $3.95 and higher. I was happy with that.
Next came my hat. I had seen one earlier int he day, and I told the guy I would be back after my haircut. He was surprized to see me. He said "I remember you, nobody comes back", they just say that. He had told me $10.00 in the morning, now he wanted 12. Well, I only paid 10.
After all the little purchases we headed back over the bridge. Customs was quite easy. No Line. There is this ice cream place on this side of the bridge where you can get 2 banana splits for $2. We stopped there last time and again this time. Not bad for a buck. We got in the car and headed out. We stopped a a vegetable stand and got some cabbage and tomatoes. I made some cole slaw this morning for dinner tonight. It'll go good with the pork BBQ I made .
Today is another nice day. A beautiful breeze, and up in the high 70's. What more could anyone ask for. We'er lovin' it.

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