Tuesday, February 24, 2009

South Padre Island.

Yesterday we were supposed to go over to South Padre Island. When we got up it was soooo cold. I know you folks up North won't feel sorry for us, but is was in the low forties. Needless to say we didn't go anywhere near the water. I put on some working clothes and got started. First came the sweeping and mopping the floor. Then came the polishing of the wood. There's a lot of wood in a RV. Before lunch I got the front done. After lunch I hit the bedroom and the bathroom.
Today was a good day to go. It was really warm by the time we got there. We had to find beach access that was free. Most of the places had these little building that wants $4.oo. We didn't know if it was for the car or each of us. We ended up at this really nice stretch of beach that really only had a few folks. We wondered where all the birds were. Then someone brought out some bread or something, and the birds came from out of nowhere.
The area there is strictly tourist trappish. Next week when the spring breakers come it will be very busy. We have been told not to attempt to go the whole month of March. For us it wasn't anything special, but we do so love being by the water. We ate our lunch on the beach and stayed till about 2:oo. It was a great day.
For supper we had BLTs and cole slaw. Tom made the comment that it is a summer meal. Well. I feels like summer. They tasted good. Really fresh veggies make everything taste good. Now we are out of tomatos. We'll have to go somewhere tomorrow for some more. We'll see. We don't have to do anything if we don't want. What a life.

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Bob and Molly said...

Hey there guys...sounds like you're eating very well!!
Look forward to seeing both of you in Boerne....Hugs and travel safe!
Molly & BOb