Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revisiting Spots

Over the weekend we stopped back at the Don-Wes flea market. There are a couple of stalls that sell crocs for $6. I wanted a different color than the bright pink I bought before. The only colors they had in my size were bright green and red. I took them both. Tom also took a pair. We got them all for $5 a piece. As we walked up and down the rows I found a stall I didn't know was there. It had all kinds of colors, but 3 pair is enough. Of course we went across the street to buy fruit and veggies.
Yesterday we went back over to Mexico. Tom wanted to check another place for glasses. They aren't that much less than here. We decided to get them here in the states. If something goes wrong, we can always get them fixed. We won't always be near Mexico. For the 20 or so buck difference we think it will be worth it. I tried to find a turquoise ring. They didn't have all that many. Not any I wanted. They sell a lot of pendent/earring combos, but I don't need that. I just want a ring. We'll be in New Mexico at "The Rally", so I might be able to pick up what I'm locking for there. They have lots of Indian stores there.We'll see.
Tonight we went to the Harlingen Elks for supper. Wednesday is spaghetti night. It's "all you can eat", so if you go away hungry it's your own fault. They start you off with so much I don't know how anyone could go back for more. They let you come back for more sauce if your spaghetti get to dry. With a small salad and all the bread you want, it's a great meal for $5. They have lunch meals there also. We may go get the pork tenderloin one day. So much to eat, so few days. We'll have to go on a diet when we leave here. I have to tell the RVers out there about the 15 spots they have for camping. For $8 you can get water and electric. There is a dump station on sight. Not a bad deal. You can stay for quite a while. They have a huge pool, but it wasn't open when we were there. They have shower house with rest rooms, so you don't have to use the dump station so often. You have to be a member of the Elks, and they ask only that you go have a dinner when available.
Tomorrow we go for lunch with the Chapter 19 folks. Another big lunch, but no supper. We usually don't want any supper after the Golden Corral. The company is also super. The chapter is really active, and does some fun outings. That's why we joined. Then it's on to Wal-Mart for a few things.
It has been really warm here the past couple of days. Even humid. Right now we have the fan on and the windows open at 9:00 at night. All you folks in Florida wanting warmer weather should have come to the valley. We really recommend it. We'll be coming back for sure.

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