Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fig Tree Park

On Thursday we left Mission and came here to Harlingen. It's about 40 miles east of Mission. We are so much closer to things we like to do. We knew right away we would like this park. The folks are so friendly. Everyone waves and says HI.
Last night we went to the horse races. They have six little wooden horses that move accordingly with what is rolled on 2 dice. You can bet on as many horses as you want, and each bet costs a quarter. We did manage to win one race. Our take was $1.25. It was great fun, and we met some great people. The races took place after the beef stew dinner. I thought it was way too hot for stew, and Tom agreed. Tonight they had fish fry. It was like a pot luck. We didn't go to that either. It was 92 this afternoon, with a beautiful breeze. Lots of the folks were inside with the air on. We are just absorbing the warmth.
We did get some chairs. Not the ones we want, but they will do till we find some rockers. Also we went to the flea market today. I picked up 2 more pair of crocs, and Tom picked one also. Then it was off across the street to get some fruit and veggies. The produce is so abundant here. One thing they don't have is strawberries. Oh well, tomorrow I will make orange juice which I really love.
They have a very nice library here. I have exchanged some of the books I have read for new ones. Most parks have "take one-leave one" rules. Some have so many books they just want you to take them. I can usually find what I want. They have a nice pool and shuffle broad courts. We'll get better acclimated before the month is out. We have lots we want to do this week. It's nice to know we have all the time we need.

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