Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Traversing the Valley

Over the past few days we have been to quite a few RV Parks around here. Our month is up on Thursday, and we have been talking about moving east a little. So many of the things we do and places we go are down that way. It will also give us a better feel for where we would come back to. The park we are in presently is Sleepy Valley in Palmview. That's just west the Mission city limits. We like the park and the folk. They have been very nice and friendly.
During the Chapter 19 lunch and meeting on Thursday, we learned of some parks that have openings. Some we went to see are out of our price range, and some just weren't what we are looking for. You can sure pick and choose, except in February. Everything seems to be full. Tom did some hard work on the computer, and made an on-line reservation with a place called Snow to Sun. He called today to find out what time we could come in, and they have no record of the reservation and nothing available. Boy, I've seen him happier! He sent an e-mail to the company, and did get a call back. He had a conversation with someone, and let them know how unhappy he was.
This morning we took a trip down to Riverside Club. The Chapter 19 folks were going on a River Cruise. About 11:00 we boarded the boat, and off we went down river. We got just so far then turned around and went up to the dam. The boat tuned back around and back we went back to the resturant. We had to wait a very long time to have our order taken. When the food finally came it was fantastic. They have a pork tenderloin sandwich that fills the whole plate, and everyone who ordered that said that it was worth the wait. It looked amazing. Tom had chicken fried steak and I had chicken fried chicken. It was OK, but we were wishing we had the tenderloin.
The food was good, but the boat ride was sort of boring. I would say save your money. You can see the river just standing there on the bank.
When we got home Tom got a call from the manager of the company that has that Snow to Sun park. She wanted to see if she could shuffle things around to see if we could have a spot. Well, we could honestly tell her we had made other plans. While we were waiting for lunch we talked quite a bit about other places with our new friends. We heard about Fig Tree park. They are staying there now, but leaving soon. We called, they had room, that's were we will go on Thursday. Now that we know where we are going we will get ready tomorrow. We will go minus our chairs. The seats on both of them have just ripped apart. They are really nice rockers, but there is no way we can repair them. They are all rivoted and I just can't see anyway to make other seats.
Now we have a new mission. New chairs. We'll find what we want someplace. On to our next spot. Something new to explore and take in. No doubt something wonderful.

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