Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

I'm sure we're not the only ones who are sick of the rain. But enough is enough already. Today is the first day that the sun was up before us and was still there at supper. Mind you, it wasn't there all day, but we're not complaining. The week looks a lot better than anything we've seen since we've been home.
All was not lost. Connor came to visit for a couple of days, and boy did we have a good time. Our daughter had given him this dinosaur thing. It has these little plastic dinos hidden in a block of hard clay. In the box comes a wooden hammer, a pointed punch, paint, and a couple of brushes. We had the greatest time finding the dinos by chipping away the clay. It was like being archaeologists. He found 5 different types, and was thrilled. When the rain stopped we went outside and he started to paint them. Some he saved for the next time. Also we spent many enjoyable hours playing Battleship, Go Fish, and other games he likes.
On up to the playground, but it was so wet he had to take off his shoes just to play on the swing. Every kid loves to put their feet in puddles. He had such a good time till the thunder started. What was weird, was he read to me at bedtime in stead of me reading to him. I thought it was cool. It was so wonderful having him to ourselves for awhile.
Over the weekend we had more company. We babysat for the granddogs. Geroge and Jax came for 2 nights while Robin sanded and painted the hallway floor. They really enjoyed taking walks through the campground. I suppose there are so many good dog type smells for them to sniff, like chippys and ducks and geese, and other dogs. Of course, because of the rain, we spent lots of time inside. As you will see in the pictures, they like lots of lap time, and they also helped me with my knitting. Just before they left, George got his toy stuck in one of the skeins of yarn, and I had to untangle the whole thing. What a mess. It was hairy yarn on top of it all. It took less time than I thought going into the job. We so enjoy having them. Tom says George is a good Escapee. When you ask him for a hug he gets excited and jumps up and delivers. All the while he's moaning and groaning like you wouldn't believe. They both sure know how to show their love, and we sure do take all they give.
Today we both had doctor appointments. Everything looks good, and tomorrow we go get the blood work. I have to make appointments for bone scan and mammogram. We're hoping all checks out OK. Also tomorrow we pick up our new eye glasses and I go to the dentist. Busy, busy. busy. We'll have to get on the road to rest. Only kidding. The sooner we get all this done, the sooner we're free to do what we want. It's still good to be home for a time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching Up

Tom and I have been very busy since we pulled in. A couple of trips down to our daughter's house (formerly ours) to retreive some of the stuff we store there for the winter. What with raking leaves and washing the deck and getting things back to the way we want them, the days are flying by. Our grandson had a couple of baseball games left, so of course we went to see them. Big hugs there. He is still in school till the end of the week, and his week-end is busy, so maybe he'll be with us next week for a few days.
Last night I went down to have the end of year picnic with my group of ladies from the church. It was so good to see everyone. Our pastor is leaving our church at the end of June, and we plan to spend every Sunday there till she leaves. Also there will be a send off open house which we have tickets for. This coming Sunday there will be a dedication for items given to the church by the Hochenbury Family. Our good friend Marge Hockenbury passed away a few days after my Dad. She had been our next door neighbor for many many years, and we miss her terribly.
As you can see we have been busy, and will continue to be busy while we are home. We have a few trips planned for the summer, and will be in and out of the campground. Monday we took a trip to Upstate New York to see my Mom. She is doing quite well. We had a really nice visit. We'll go again next month.
I spent a few hours today cleaning and polishing the wood in Emily. Now that some of my muscles are poking at me, I think I'll call it quits for the day. Tomorrow we have eye appointments for new glasses. I really need them. Tom too. As I'm writing this, our hummers come and go for drinks. The feeder is on the window here by the table. They were looking before I even put out the feeder.
It's good to be hime for a while, but I knoe we will be anxious to get going again in September. What a blessing to be able to do this thing we do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Great Finish to the Month of May.

The month of May may not have started so great, but the end was worth waiting for. The Elks Pre-Rally and the Escapade were both great fun. We enjoyed the Escapade so much I don't think we'll miss any more of them. We had get-togethers with the Class of 2007, and fellow CARE volunteers. We are now RCAs. Roving Care Ambassadors. That is one thing we are proud of.
Escapees do some good things for charity. The quilters make quilts for CARE, and this year some went to a battered women and children shelter. I wish our schedule had given me some more time to get to help them out. Next time I will make the time. Another thing we SKPs do is make little baby hats. They are donated to hospitals. Some 1500 of them were given out this year. Also some were given to a local charity that give hats to children who have none. If a child goes to school without a hat, they have one when they go home. I have been making hats all the way home. When we stopped to visit my cousin on the way home, she gave me a bagful of yarn for baby hats. Thanks to my friend Bobby from the class of 2007 I have started knitting again. I wish she was closer so she could teach me more.
We went out to eat more in the past 2 weeks than we have in the last couple of months. We'll miss all of our friends while we are home, but it's so go to be here. Our daughter came up to night and brought some pizza and wings. She also brought the dogs, and Tom's Mom. It was fun feeding the dogs the pizza bones. You know---the crusts. That's what our grandson calls them. They were so excited to be here. I thought they would have forgotten, but no. They cried when they saw us. It's not very warm here. At least not what we're used to. I know it will warm up though.
Tom is very tired from driving for 4 days. The last night we were in Sedalia we were in the parking lot on the asphalt. When we were leaving we had Emily weighed. She's must be doing things right, she is not over weight. We could still put in a few hundred lbs. on the front tires. So many of the rigs had to be towed out because of the wet ground. Emily was such a good girl and simply drove right out. God love her. We stayed at Wal-Mart the first 2 nights, and at a Coast 2 Coast park in western PA. last night. 3 nights of dry camping. Not bad. It was nice to have full hook-ups last night. A couple of days of cleaning, and then we'll settle for a rest. Just take in the birds and chippies and bunnies. What a way to spend the day. Life's good.