Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching Up

Tom and I have been very busy since we pulled in. A couple of trips down to our daughter's house (formerly ours) to retreive some of the stuff we store there for the winter. What with raking leaves and washing the deck and getting things back to the way we want them, the days are flying by. Our grandson had a couple of baseball games left, so of course we went to see them. Big hugs there. He is still in school till the end of the week, and his week-end is busy, so maybe he'll be with us next week for a few days.
Last night I went down to have the end of year picnic with my group of ladies from the church. It was so good to see everyone. Our pastor is leaving our church at the end of June, and we plan to spend every Sunday there till she leaves. Also there will be a send off open house which we have tickets for. This coming Sunday there will be a dedication for items given to the church by the Hochenbury Family. Our good friend Marge Hockenbury passed away a few days after my Dad. She had been our next door neighbor for many many years, and we miss her terribly.
As you can see we have been busy, and will continue to be busy while we are home. We have a few trips planned for the summer, and will be in and out of the campground. Monday we took a trip to Upstate New York to see my Mom. She is doing quite well. We had a really nice visit. We'll go again next month.
I spent a few hours today cleaning and polishing the wood in Emily. Now that some of my muscles are poking at me, I think I'll call it quits for the day. Tomorrow we have eye appointments for new glasses. I really need them. Tom too. As I'm writing this, our hummers come and go for drinks. The feeder is on the window here by the table. They were looking before I even put out the feeder.
It's good to be hime for a while, but I knoe we will be anxious to get going again in September. What a blessing to be able to do this thing we do.

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