Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Great Finish to the Month of May.

The month of May may not have started so great, but the end was worth waiting for. The Elks Pre-Rally and the Escapade were both great fun. We enjoyed the Escapade so much I don't think we'll miss any more of them. We had get-togethers with the Class of 2007, and fellow CARE volunteers. We are now RCAs. Roving Care Ambassadors. That is one thing we are proud of.
Escapees do some good things for charity. The quilters make quilts for CARE, and this year some went to a battered women and children shelter. I wish our schedule had given me some more time to get to help them out. Next time I will make the time. Another thing we SKPs do is make little baby hats. They are donated to hospitals. Some 1500 of them were given out this year. Also some were given to a local charity that give hats to children who have none. If a child goes to school without a hat, they have one when they go home. I have been making hats all the way home. When we stopped to visit my cousin on the way home, she gave me a bagful of yarn for baby hats. Thanks to my friend Bobby from the class of 2007 I have started knitting again. I wish she was closer so she could teach me more.
We went out to eat more in the past 2 weeks than we have in the last couple of months. We'll miss all of our friends while we are home, but it's so go to be here. Our daughter came up to night and brought some pizza and wings. She also brought the dogs, and Tom's Mom. It was fun feeding the dogs the pizza bones. You know---the crusts. That's what our grandson calls them. They were so excited to be here. I thought they would have forgotten, but no. They cried when they saw us. It's not very warm here. At least not what we're used to. I know it will warm up though.
Tom is very tired from driving for 4 days. The last night we were in Sedalia we were in the parking lot on the asphalt. When we were leaving we had Emily weighed. She's must be doing things right, she is not over weight. We could still put in a few hundred lbs. on the front tires. So many of the rigs had to be towed out because of the wet ground. Emily was such a good girl and simply drove right out. God love her. We stayed at Wal-Mart the first 2 nights, and at a Coast 2 Coast park in western PA. last night. 3 nights of dry camping. Not bad. It was nice to have full hook-ups last night. A couple of days of cleaning, and then we'll settle for a rest. Just take in the birds and chippies and bunnies. What a way to spend the day. Life's good.

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