Wednesday, March 4, 2009

About One Week Left

We can't believe we have onle one week left in the valley. it has been really nice while we've been here. Sometimes it gets chilly at night. A couple of nights ago we had the electric blanket on. We don't use the furnace during the night. Maybe in the morning just to get the chill out. When the sun comes out it warms up really fast. I have been in the pool a couple of times lately. Today I was in the hot tub. The wind blow here quite a bit, and when you get out of the pool it's cold.
Tomorrow is the end of season picnic with the Chapter 19 group. I made those cheesy potatoes with bacon people like so much. We'll have hot dogs and pot luck. We hear they play a couple of games and have some kind of fun auction. We'll let you all know how it goes after. It sounds like a good time.
On Monday we took our last trip to Mexico. We bought some items for Connor's Easter box. Just some Mexican toys and such. They have these giant marshmallows, as big a a kid's fist, so they have to be in the box. I've heard they don't use as much sugar in Mexico to make them. Also a couple of bottles of liquor. There's a bakery there we stop at each time we go. We really like the cinnamon buns. They come fresh right out of the oven, 50 cents each. Yum!!! I looked again for a turquoise ring, but didn't find anything I liked.
There are so many empty spots available in the park. Lots of folks have headed out already. Why they would want to leave here and go where it is colder is beyond me. We have decided we would like to come back to Fig Tree next year for a couple of months. Maybe mid January to mid March. We'll see. We know we will be home for Christmas. Some folks have told me just come here and then fly home and back. I don't think that'll happen. Enough to think about this year. Next year will take care of itself.
Time to watch the news. Yuck. I'd rather watch something joyful, but we have to keep up with things. At least it has been a beautiful day.

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