Friday, March 20, 2009

Class of 2007 Rally

Escapees Class of 2007 have met in Borrne, Tx. for our first annual reunion rally. What a time we have had. The class reunited at the Alamo Fiesta RV Resort here. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 of us attended. What a great place for the reunion. We had a very nice Rally Center for any activities. Because it had a full kitchen we were able to have really nice meals as well as a place to meet to do crafts and workshops.
On Tuesday, the first day, when we went to orientation we were to take something for the Hobo Stew. It started with some beef and then we all added stuff. As you can see by the pictures there was quite a variety. It was sooooo good. What made the meal so great was the dishes folks brought to share. Everyone really enjoyed it.
It's good to see everyone again and catch up. The next day some of the ladies did crafts. I went over to the room to see what they were doing. Bobbi taught me how to do some great things with recycled plastic bags. She also got me into knitting some hats for newborns. I'll make some for the hospitals at home. Marcia also helped me with the plastic bag items. Patti did a workshop on T-shirt braiding trim. I will do some of that when I get a chance.
Then came happy hour. We were to take a liqueur or cordial for tasting, and something chocolate. Let me tell you, there were enough calories for a whole year on that table. There must have been about 15 different bottles to sample. We all had little cups. After we each took a plate of goodies some of the folks took the bottles around to each table and you could taste what you wanted. Tom and I weren't to crazy about most of them. I did like the Amaretto. The Bailey's was also good. Of course all of the chocolates went down well with the tasting. After all of that we had the chili cook-off. Tom was a judge for that. We had seven different cooks enter. Everyone else took bread or salad to share. Joe won the prize for the best chili. Bob came in second. I sampled each one, and each one was different.I liked Bob's best. So did Tom, but it was a really close call. Then came margarator time. Ours had strawberry Dacaris, and Marcia and Joe's had margaritas. That night Mark gave us a lesson in star gazing. It was neat to see each star come out and have him tell us the names and what constellation they belong to. We were lucky enough to see the space shuttle/space station go across the sky. It only lasted a few minutes. It was going much faster than I thought it would. Marty had taken his telescope, or what I thought was one, and we all saw Venus. It was like a tiny little crescent moon. I was amazed. We all were happy that he agreed to do in on such short notice.
What a terrific day. There is more to come tomorrow. I am sure glad we started fulltiming in 2007. I can't imagine missing this. How lucky we are.

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greg and jean said...

Hi Tom and Paula,

It was great getting to spend time with you at the reunion. Jean and I both had a great time !!!

We are in Fredericksburg (at the KOA)...any chance you want to get together for lunch/dinner or Luckenbach one of the next couple days?

greg and jean