Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Hot Weather.

Yesterday was just more of the same. HOT AND HUMID. It is so dry here that the grass does not need to be cut. I made spaghetti outside with the help of a hot plate, and my electric pot. It was really good. The only problem was the mozzarella cheese. All the cheese seems more sharp here. The baby swiss is , and so is the mozzarella. We have been looking for white American cheese in all the grocery stores, and Tom finally had to settle for cheese from the deli section. All of the wrapped cheese is yellow American. Weird!! Another thing is we have only 1 dollar store close by. We looked in the phone book, and we found 3. All in different places. St. Cloud is a fairly big city, and at home we have them all over.
We mailed Connor a little box of stuff yesterday. Tom went into the Mississippi River to get him a Mississippi River Rock for his rock collection. That went in the box along with a few little things we picked up that we thought he might like. Should be there by the week-end.
Today it's very windy. We woke up to gusting winds rocking us around. We got the awning in as soon as we could, hoping the gusts would stay away till it was locked in place. All went well there. Now it is almost 10:00 a.m. and it is really blowing hard out there. We have to be at work by 1:00, and Tom will keep an eye on things as he does his work around the grounds. Chairs are falling down, and the outside lawn ornaments. We just had the today show on, and when he switched to satellite, there is no signal. The wind must have moved that, too. We'll fix it when we come back after work. I don't imagine there will be many RVs on the move today. Unless they have to be in a certain place, they should stay put. To dangerous for them out on the road today. If this keeps up, the contractors that are here working because of the hail storm a while back, will be here longer than they thought. That wouldn't be so bad. It's a great place. If we can find spots to keep them for awhile. They are having a pipeline put in near here, and some of the sites have been reserved for some of those workers. It has been a good summer for Chris and Deb. They have been almost full everynight since we have been here. Come tomorrow we will see if any damage has been done. I can't think we will get off scott free.

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