Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Starting Our Grand Adventure

It's been awhile since I've had an entry, but now it's time to start our grand adventure. We have been busy for about 2 weeks trying to get ready to take our trip. Tom is getting very nervous about forgetting things to take. We have notes all over the place. We have so much of our "stuff" in the motorhome, that we may not have enough clothes at home to get us through the next week. It's a good thing the campground is only about 35 minutes away. It seems strange to close up our campsite so soon after we got everything set for the year.
Tom has been up with Emily since about 10:00 this morning. He wanted to change her oil and greased her good before we start out. We still have a few things to pack, but we have some room left. I'm sure sometime around August we will be looking for something we don't have. We even managed to fit in my sewing machine. I need it for my weaving.
We really have to manage out time left. Our grandson's preschool graduation is Wednesday evening, and he is staying overnight with us. Thursday Connor will be here all day, and in the evening is a family dinner, Saturday we have a wedding, Sunday is church. See what I mean? We have to fit in haircuts, and a doctor appointment. Sunday night we will stay at the campground, and leave early Monday morning.
We plan to stay in western Pa. for a couple of nights to visit our friends Ron and Linda. They are volunteering at a wildlife refuge out there. If anyone happens to be near where we are, give us a headsup, we'll see if we can get together. We'll have our computer and our cell phone. If you need the number or email address, click the word comments at the end of the blog entry. Let us know. Now I have to get going and get ready to slow down. We are very excited. Life is good.

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