Monday, April 9, 2007

Back Home

Well, we are home. We arrived late afternoon on Tuesday last week. On the trip home, we stopped to meet Linda and Ron from Escapees Class of 2007. They are in a campground in old Fort Picket, in Blackstone Va. What is interesting, is that they are doing a really good job of recycling the old army base. The campground is run by the county, the chapel has a working congregation, and some of the buildings are used for business incubators. Some of the property is still used to train for tanks for the war. It was really nice to see how well the whole thing is coming together, and being used for some good purpose. Better that just deteriorating.
Monday when we left and headed home, we figured we would just get off the road early in Carlise, Pa., spend the night, and get a nice start in the morning. WRONG!!! It should have gone as we planned, but there was a fatal accident around Greencastle, Pa. and they rerouted everyone on to route 11. Well, we got off 81 just where they closed it. Of course, everyone who came up behind was also being rerouted at all the exits behind, and we could not get to route 11. Traffic on route 81 was backed up thru Maryland and into West Va. Anyway, we spent 4 hours is stalled bumper to bumper traffic. So much for an early stop. We drove and set up in the dark, which we never do, and didn't get settled till about 10:00 pm. We are just so thankful we weren't in the accident.
Tuesday we drove to Easton, Pa. where Emily's dealer is, and left her there to get service and inspected. After taking out all the perishables and clothes we thought we might need, we started home. We arrived about 3:00, and by that time were glad we were here. Now we are ready to go again.
Over the week-end of the 20-22, we are headed to a rally with Penn Coachmen. That's the unit of F.M.C.A. we belong to. We have a rally every month from April thru November. We always have a good time. They are really great folks. Then we are hoping to get Emily up to our seasonal site up near Clarks Summit. We will be there till we start our trip, hopefully sometime in June. It will be good to see all of the people we haven't seen all winter. Can't wait.

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