Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leaving Florida

For several days we have been doing things to get ready to return to Pa. Emily is cleaned and shiny inside and out. We have taken time in the afternoons to listen to or watch the Mets games. I wish they had done better during spring training, but nothing counts till opening day.
Tonight we took our final bike ride around the park. Then we put the bikes on the back of the Tracker and made sure they were secured for our trip. We sat outside wondering where the month went. At about 7:30 we stowed away the chairs and came inside. The weather here has been so beautiful. The whole time we've been here it rained only one day. They really need rain badly. Needless to say, we both are very tanned and healthy looking. But we are in need of a grandson fix. We are hoping to be home by Wednesday so he can stay overnight. We told Connor we would be home for Easter. If we are early, he will get a surprize.
The campgound is emptying out quickly. Every day more and more sites are empty. Some won't leave till the middle of April. They will be lonesome here. I know there will be quite a few leaving tomorrow. Some are already hitched up and ready to go. We want to be out by 8:oo. If we get in to Georgia we will be happy. We have to drop Emily off at the dealer to get some work done and be inspected before we take off on our great adventure. It will be time to leave before we know it.
The third week in April we have a rally with a club we belong to. The same club is having a rally over Memorial Day, and Tom and I are one of the hosting couples. We will have to be there on Thursday to make sure we are there in time for registration. Around May 1st we will get up to our seasonal site. We will keep Emily there till our trip. It will be nice to see all the folks again.
For now we will be on our way home. Maybe no WIFI, so I probably won't have an entry till then. For tonight, one more time to sleep with the windows open, and waking up to singing birds.

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