Thursday, March 22, 2007

Myakka State Park

We really haven't done much for a few days. It has been cloudy and pretty windy. Day before yesterday we had some sprinkles on and off. We had planned to go to the state park, but held off till yesterday. I'm glad we did. It was a beautiful day. We were a little dissappointed with the 40 minute nature walk. We didn't see any thing special. About all we saw were some salamanders. We did walk the Canopy Walkway. It is a suspended walkway about treetop level. It comes up to the tower. You can climb up and see for miles. It was neat to be right up in the trees. We will add pictures when we get home. After the walk we went over to the lake. There are lots of alligators in the park. It is kept in it's natural state. What was really interesting was to see vultures circling. Just like in the old western movies. The reason they were circling was a dying alligator. He had crawled out of the water and was just lying there on the shore. There were two of his buddies with him. They must have been protecting him till he passed, because the birds didn't bother him. They just waited. It seemed so sad, but that's the way of nature.
I wish we could have taken better pictures of all the types of birds we saw, but you just don't go near the water there. And as they were mostly wading, the pictures were from a distance. They have an airboat ride for about 10 bucks, and a tram ride for about the same. We were there in the early afternoon, and the folks said it was better to book your tours in the morning or late afternoon because there is more activity then. We past on both tours. We figured we had seen about as much as we would see on the boat, and the tram.
There are a couple of camping areas in the park. Next time we are in Florida we are planning to stay there for awhile. But that won't be for a couple of years.
Today we will probably stick around here and take a bike ride and a walk. It's kind of cloudy and windy again. But who can argue with 80 degrees and a nice breeze. Not me.

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