Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What wonderful weather! The past couple of nights have been rather cool. Yesterday morning it was 30 outside on our window thermometer. Today was about 10 degrees warmer. Now at 11:00 it is 75. Once the sun comes out it warms up quickly. Monday was cleaning day. Tom did the outside, and Emily was grateful. I did the inside, and now I feel better about having things where they belong.
Tom went online and got some Mets tickets for Thursday. So tomorrow we head out for Port St. Lucie. It's about a 2 hour drive, so it will be a day-long event. The game starts a little after one. We like to drive by where Mom and Dad used to live. It's near the stadium. The area has built up so much since they left here. It has become very congested and the trafffic is terrible.
We have directions to a couple of big flea markets, and a county fair, so they are also on our to do list. We would also like to go to the Gulf and walk the shore for awhile. We really love the ocean, but that's on the other side of Florida. There is a farmers market at the campground every Thursday. If we have time before we leave for the game we will stop and see what they have to offer. I already have squeezed a bag of oranges. Nothing I like better than fresh squeezed orange juice. I have a bag of grapefruit I need to finish before I buy any more. We bought some wonderful strawberries the other day. Then, of course, we had to buy ice cream, whipped cream, and I made biscuits. Shortcake. YUMMY!!!!! We have just enough for one more night of it. Then we get to finish the ice cream. Can life get any better? I think not.

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Frank-n-Penny said...

Fresh strawberry shortcake! You're killin' me here! You are sooooo bad! Ha!