Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mets Baseball

Thursday we went to Port St. Lucie to see our boys play. It was so good to watch some baseball. They were playing the Baltimore. We were in luck, because they played all the regulars. We saw El Duque pitch. He was great in the first inning, and went downhill from there. We lost 8-7, but we enjoyed it all the same.
Let me tell you. It took about 2hr and 15 min to get there. If you don't like looking at orange groves and sod farms and cattle ranches, don't take route 70 across Florida. BORING!! Before we got back on the road we stopped at Clock's. It's a resturant chain here in central Florida, and the food was good and there was plenty of it. We had some shortcake left, so we didn't have dessert. Then we got back on the road home. BORING!
Yesterday we went to Fort Meyers. There is a Camping World store there, and we needed a back flushing valve thing for Emily. That was about 50 miles away. Everything is 50 miles away. But we like the idea of no congestion, and peace and quiet. Anyway, the valve thing worked and we are happy about that. Everything is back to normal.
Today I made some little oatmeal muffins. I only have a mini muffin baking pan with me. It took a refill to make all the batter, but they are really good. I did some cleaning this morning thinking it was going to be a cloudy, rainy day. It got really warm and the sun came out. Enough of the cleaning. We put down the awning to keep Emily cooler inside. I think now that I have checked the e-mail and updated the blog, I'll go out and laze outside for awhile, and listen to the birds sing. After supper we will go for a bike ride, and call it a day. Watch some March Madness and hit the hay. That's what I call a really hard day.

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