Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Friends and the Beach

On Monday we went to meet Rick and Orinda for lunch. They are up in Sebring for the winter months. We have made some new friends. They have 2 dogs with them. A fox terrier and a Golden named Cody. I fell in love with him. He brought me a shoe before we even met. A wonderful dog. They are from South Dakoda, and we will probably meet up again during our adventure this summer.
Yesterday I did the laundry thing. Not all of the washers and dryers work, so you have to wait your turn. In this park they have an area where you can hang out your laundry. There is a privacy fence around it so no one can see it in the park. Of course, I don't have any clothes pins so that is not an option for me. Anyway, it took me about 2 and a half hours to get it done. Tom finished waxing Emily with the help of his new ladder. We have been looking for one that would fit in our compartment. We found one on Monday at Home Depot while we were in Sebring.
Today we went to the beach. We had to go about 45 miles. Our destination was Siesta Key. The first place we stopped was right in town. We couldn't find a place to park. We drove around for awhile, and just didn't get a place. I don't know if it is because of Spring Break or what, but there are alot of kids there. We decided to go on up the road. We found a really nice place with lots of parking, restrooms, and a not so crowded beach. There wasn't much sun, but I did get a little sunburn. It really can fool you here in Florida. When we left, we went down the road to Sonny's. It's a great place for BBQ ribs. I suppose the other food is good, too, but we always get the ribs. Sonny's doesn't go very far north. Only up as far as the Carolinas. It is one place we like to make plans to visit. All you can eat ribs with 2 sides (you can chose from quite a list) chioce of garlic bread or corn bread, all for $ 9.99. Then we even got a senior discount of 25%. You have to be at least 55. What a deal. It's a good thing we don't have any strawberries left. We're too full to eat any.
The beach, a tummy full of ribs, and a night to leave the windows open. I love it.


gloria said...

Let's talk about Sonny's. We have aten there many times and last year ate at the one at Concord Mills in Charlotte. We will NEVER go back. It wasn't the tiny anys that were crawling between the knotty pine wall and the table. It wasn't even the supposed waitress that supplied poor service. It was the diarrhea all three of us had the same night. :(
Otherwise we loved it. :(
Too bad you are missing the nor'easter that will be lwoing all of us in at 2 PM today. Check with Robin to see if your house is still there. We were just beginning to find the mailbox again. And, being almost native Syracusans, Don had not put away anu of our three snowblowers yet so we are good to go. South.

gloria said...

Let's fix the typos together. We have EATEN at Sonny's. Usually just before the diarrhea. But we are glad you liked it and that your elimination system is made of iron.

Of course they weren't tiny anys. THEY WERE TINY ANTS.
And the lwoing in? Was supposed to be blowing in.
And Don hadn't put away ANY pf the 3 snowblowers.
Can you tell I didn't hit preview?
Maybe I could have just said it was the weather here that screws everything up and not my typing.