Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arcadia Pioneer Days.

Well, first of all, it rained most of the day yesterday. We were out for a bike ride when the sky opened up. Needless to say we got dampish. We got the bike seats covered and got in. The rest of the day I read a book, and Tom just vegged.
Today we went into Arcadia for their Pioneer Days. It was like a nice small town festival. Many of the people were dressed in period clothes. There was a shoot-out between the bad guys and the good guys. There were lots of six guns and shotguns. Lots of noise! Of course, the good guys won. What I couldn't figure out was why the good guys all had black hats and half of the bad guys had white hats. There was a blacksmith who was making items to buy; like coat hooks, candle stick holders, and fire irons. A couple of wood workers were whitteling, and a man and lady were helping kids to make jump ropes by using twine and this little hand crank machine that twisted the twine into rope. He made the kids turn the crank, then he put on the handles and gave it to the one who turned the crank. I thought he would be asking for a donation or something, and surprized me buy just giving them away. Like I said, Small town. Many little tables were set up by local churches that sold home-made goodies. Even the elementary school sold popcorn and soda. I had a pulled pork sandwich and Tom had 2 chili dogs. Then we went over to the Womens' Club table, and what do you think we got there? You guessed it. Strawberry Shortcake. It was made with sponge cake. Yummy! We came home and watch some March Madness. I did some swedish weaving.
It' s been cold here today, in the low 60's. Tonight will be colder than usual, and tommorrow will be cool again. Then it should start to warm up by Monday. We'll take it. It's better than the 12 to 14 inches of snow they got at home.

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