Monday, March 12, 2007

Yesterday was another beautiful day in sunny Florida. We got up and went to church for 9:00. They have quite a large congregaton here at the campground. After church we went for groceries. On the way is the little man who sells those great strawberries. Of course we had to get some more of those. We also got some fresh tomatoes. Yummy! They are so much better than hot house.
Today we are off to meet more members of Escapees Class of 2007. They are up in Sebring, about 45 miles away. It's always nice to meet folks that are doing the same thing as you. They also plan to go fulltiming this year. I still have a hard time believing all the people out there that have been doing it for years. We can't wait to be like them.

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gloria said...

Another sunny day in Syracuse. We are seeing what looks like our mailbox as the snow encircling it begins to melt. There is a ball of fire in the sky that keeps looking at Florida. It may reach 30 here today. Don is poring over books, he is anxious to get on the road. He has cleaned the snow off the motorhome twice and thinks the RV might move in about a month after the snow around it melts. We had snow yesterday while I was in church. BORING, like your trip on I-70.......what a life.