Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

  We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We spent the day at the campground. We went to church at 10 and had dinner at the activity center at 2. It wasn’t a pot luck like at most parks but a fully prepared meal. We sat with some folks from East Texas and had a good time. Today's our anniversary 41 years and still going strong. Not much to do in this area so we’ll head toward Bandera and when we see somewhere we think we want to eat we’ll stop there. We leave here on Wednesday so between today and tomorrow it’s get ready to travel mode. We are going to miss this park. It’s very peaceful and quite. The deer walking around all day make it very relaxing to us. This weekend the park was filled and it was still rather quite. We’re not sure where we are going on Wednesday. We were going to go to San Angelo to see Jan & Chuck but we hear they’re over at the CARE center training some new folks. We’ll give them a call later. If there gone we may go to Fredericksburg for a few days. After that we’ll make our decisions on the temperatures in Wyoming & Montana. Travel Safe Everyone 

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