Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching Up 2


   While in Rockport  we went to lunch with friends from class 2007, went to an oyster fest and visited with Joe & Leona who have workamped at the Lagoons forever. After a week we moved up to Livingston Tx about 60 miles north of Houston. We were about 2 weeks early for our volunteering at the Escapee’s CARE center but we let them know we were over in the park if they needed us and they did. On April 1st we officially began our month at CARE. We worked with a great group of volunteers for the month. May 1st we moved back over to the park to spend a few days with Ed & Hazel and then began our trip back to Pa. We toured the Foretravel plant in Nacogdoches Tx then stopped at Cass County Park for the night. The road to the park was long and very bumpy. We won’t stop there again. From there we moved up to Ark. to a COE park and settled in for a few days of doing nothing. We had the park pretty much to our selves and it was so nice and quiet. After that we went into travel mode stopping to sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots until we got to about 30 miles from How Kola our home park where we stopped at Promised Land state park to meet up with Carol & Ev. Since we’ve been back in Pa. I’ve had several dentist visits, been to breakfast every other Wed. with fellow Verizon retirees, we’ve had Connor up for several weekends, gone to upstate New York several times,  Philadelphia once,scout night at the local Yankee AAA team and visited with friend here at the campground.

  And now we are caught up.

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