Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Is Here

Now is the time for most of the RVers to hit the road going south. Tom and I are no exception. Emily has been scrubbed inside and out, and has a new satellite dome. It has been getting chilly here during the night, and the electric blanket is back on the bed. God's paintbrush has been busy with all of the maples and birch, etc., and the campground is beautiful. I went out yesterday for a short walk and took the camera with me. The sun was shining through the partly cloudy sky, and I think I took some great pictures. I put one on face book and everyone liked it. When Tom gets home (he's at breakfast with the guys) he will add some to this post.
As most of you know, we will be camp hosting in a State Park in Georgia for the month of November. Cloudland Canyon State Park is in the northwestern corner of the state just south of Chattanooga, Tenn. This will be our first try at camp hosting, and I think we should be fine. Anyone in the area please stop in to see us. We are anxious to start seeing our traveling friends again.It's nice being home, but we are getting antsy to get moving.
Connor will be spending the weekend with us. We'll be missing his birthday again this year, so we plan to take him out shopping and celebrating his birthday and Tom's. Tom will be 62 on Saturday, and can't wait for his National Park Pass. I should also mention is Social Security. But that won't come till December. Columbus Day falls this weekend so we get an extra day. I hope the weather stays fairly nice.
Tomorrow we plan to take one more trip up to see my Mom in upstate N.Y. It's supposed to be sunny and warm, so a day trip it is. Then all of our commitments will be covered and we will be free to leave when we are ready. It's been a very cool rainy summer, with a few warm days thrown in there. I think we had the air on twice just to see if it still worked. We have a nice shady site, and we don't really need it. I think we'll hit the road either Tuesday or Wednesday. On the move again....AHHHHH.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Good to have you back've been missed! Bobbie