Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Last Weekend at How Kola

Today is Friday and that means the final weekend for us here at home. By home I mean our home campground. Depending on the weather, we will be heading out on Wed. or Thur. Our daughter Robin has the day off from school for the holiday, and she is going to fix Tom supper and have a cake. That should be the end of the trips down the mountain. We'll take Connor home, and finish packing up. Most of the other folks here are already winterized, and those who aren't will be by Sunday evening. Some might come up for an afternoon and sit out, and some will stick it out till the last second. It's sad to say "so long" to folks knowing you won't see them till next July. The hardest is the grandson. We really miss him when we're away. He loves the packages we send him each month.
Yesterday we went up to see Mom. She seems pretty good considering, and we know she is well taken care of. The rest of my family is there, so I know she won't be lonely. We know she's happy we're doing this RVing thing. The scenery was soooo beautiful! I would say we picked the perfect day for the trip. The sun was shining on the mountains, and the trees where, I'd say, at their peak. It was a gorgeous day.
Today we took the Christmas tree and decorations from under the bed to leave them at Robin's house for the year. Since we are coming home for the holidays, we decided to leave them. It makes room for my bread maker, which really makes me happy. Now I can make sticky buns and cinnamon rolls when ever I want. Maybe even with cream cheese icing. Are you hungry yet? I always made them at home and sold batches of them during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've been missing it. I'm sure Tom will be glad we found room for it. Anyone who is likely to cross paths with us, please let us know. Maybe a batch will be waiting for you.
Drive careful.

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