Sunday, October 18, 2009

Barb and Roy with Italian Food

Friday afternoon we pulled into the Escapees Park in Raccoon Valley Tennessee. Bard and Roy Dalton, who worked at CARE with us, are working here till the end of the month. We decided to go out to eat after Roy was done for the day. They took us to a new place called Gondoliers'. They have the best Italian food! First they give you fresh baked garlic bread sticks with dipping sauce. Then comes your big salad, and your appetizer. We chose bruchetta. It alone was terrific. By the time the main course came, we were wondering where we would fine a place in our tummies to put some of it. I managed about 1/3 of my Veal Roma. It's veal with eggplant and ricotta cheese, and the rest of the plate was filled with spaghetti. Then as always it's covered with some great sauce. I'm telling you. It is so delicious. Tom managed about 1/2 of his ravioli combination. Cheese, meat and spinach. We waddled on out without even thinking about dessert. It was hard to pass them up. Stuff like 5, ye 5 layer chocolate cake, and a pie that was about 8 inches high. I don't even know what kind it was. There just wasn't any room. Needless to say we took a couple of menus that had addresses of the others so we can have another great eating experience.
Today we went over to the ice cream social. Most, if not all, of the SKP parks have an ice cream social once a week. The days vary, but they are much the same. For a dollar you get a big hunk of ice cream, take it over to the topping table to put on what you want. Of course the toppings vary from place to place. This time I had cookie dough and Tom had strawberry. Yummy. Then we went for a walk around the park.
Now we are in for the evening and I think popcorn for me tonight. Tom had a bowl of cereal. Did I forget to mention that I fixed dinner today? Roast chicken, stuffing and gravy, peas for me, and cauliflower for Tom. Tuesday is pot luck. I still don't know what I'll make. It depends on what's in the freezer and the cupboard. Some folks say RVer's eat their way across the country. Maybe what they say is true. You can get some good recipes. Don't you wish you were here? We're glad we are.


greg and jean said...

Well with the food descriptions I certainly wish I was belt on the other hand....not so much !!! Love that Bruschetta !!!

Jim and Bobbie said...

Great description of the Italian dinner....made me hungry just listening to you. Bobbie and Jim

Leno said...

Oh darn, we were at the Escapees park the end of Sept. I wish I had known about that italian restaurant.. I love italian food!! Maybe next time..