Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

  Last Thursday we had the remnants of a tropical storm go thru and drop over 5 in of rain. We have been in a drought all summer and the river was showing rocks and islands it hasn’t shown for quite a while. In 1 day filled to just below low land flood stage. Monday a system stalled over Pa. and it’s been raining for 2 days and today is suppose to be the same. The weather always seems to be an extreme anymore. 

  Last week was fair week and we watched the weather and picked the driest day to go. We had a good time and ate to much. We don’t normally get flu shots but this year we did. Now watch this year I’ll get sick. Other than the shots and fair we’ve been doing the normal. Breakfast with the guys ( leave in 15 min) , Sat soccer games , and checking in on Amelia. Tomorrow we pick up Connor after school and take him to dinner and shopping for his birthday. Sunday after church we pick him up again and he’ll stay until Monday since he has it off from school. It’s so hard to get time with him between scouts, school & soccer. Friday or early next week we’ll  head up to upstate NY for the day to say goodbye to Paula’s mom.

  Time to head to breakfast.

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