Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to Shorts Weather

  We’re finally back on the road. Thanks Robin for letting us use your driveway. Last Saturday we went to our grandsons  U10 soccer game. Boy it was cold. On Sunday the day we had been waiting for arrived. We were watching our grandkids while there parents went to a wedding. It was everything we anticipated and more. Connor is always a joy to be with and Amelia (5 weeks old) stayed awake much of the 7 hours, which really made our last time with them for a while very special but also harder to start traveling. On Monday we did our final travel preparations and at around 8:30 am on Tuesdays we hit the road. After a few days we arrived in Myrtle Beach SC. We arrived to bright sunshine and temps hovering around 80. Gone are the jeans & back on are the shorts. Yippee. We’ll hang out in this area for 5 nights then move down to a state park near Savanna Ga. After that we’ll move south but we’re just not sure where. We’ll let you know.

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