Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As some of you know, we had planned to go to the gulf coast to visit the SKP park in Summerdale, AL. Then the plan was a stop in Louisiana for some good Cajun food. Well, as can be done, our plans have changed due to the weather. As we were leaving Tennessee, it was so cold we thought we wouldn't get warm. We wanted to fill up with propane, and standing outside to get the job done was something we haven't had to contend with since we started full timing. Usually we are where it's warm and sunny, or move to someplace that fits the bill. This year we are having trouble finding such a place. It seems that Old Man Winter isn't going to cooperate for the near future. Here we are in Central Florida at the SKP park in Bushnell and it's very cold. The tank heaters go on at night, and the water hose gets disconnected. It seems the temps will go into the 20's again tonight, and it will be more of the same through the week-end. Some of our friends say that the Rio Grande Valley in Texas is a bit warmer. By the time we traveled there it hopefully will be warm here. Sometimes it happens like this. Luckily not often.
Today Tom had to take a trip to see a docter in the area. While home in PA. he banged is leg really hard on the bathtub, and has been having trouble with some swelling and pain. His foot was all black and blue, and it was hard to find his ankle. He was hoping that the bruising was because of his meds. The doctor confirmed as much, and told him it could take weeks to get completely better. What a relief. We were thinking it was worse that it is. Now we know we can still do some of the things we have planned to do here.
Last night I had a surprise call from one of my high school friends. Maggie lives in Port Orange, Fla. We talked for about a hour and a half. It was wonderful talking to her. Now we hope to connect with some of our 2007 classmates. Sunday we have been invited to Connie and Paul Anderson's for dinner. If all goes right, there will be about 8 of us. It's so great to know we can find someone we know most everywhere we go.
The last statement is really true. Just this week we have heard from Phoenix, AZ., Demming, NM., Tampa, Fla., Livingston, Tx,. Mercedes, Tx., also Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. What a life we live. It's terrific.


Chasingthe70s said...

Please try to keep all that cold up there, it is getting into the 40's down here in the Keys.

Jim and Bobbie said...

It was 75 degrees here in Tucson yesterday and gorgeous! Last night it was 38 degrees. Finally we're in the right part of the country this winter. Bobbie