Monday, August 9, 2010

Still in Plains

  We’re still parked in our daughters driveway and it’s working out ok. It’s been a busy week. Paula had a Dr. appt this week and I spent 3 day’s doing some wiring at our sons. Boy that attic was hot. Then Friday our daughter had a happy hour fund raiser at a local bar so we went to that. Saturday I put a 30a receptacle for the RV and cut the grass. Yesterday I changed the oil in the car and RV and cleaned out and washed the tracker. Our grandson will be over in a bit. Tomorrow we’re taking him down the Jersey shore for a few days. We’re not taking the RV as I want to stay close to the boardwalk and the ocean. We haven’t traveled with out the RV for a long time and it’s hard trying to remember to pack the right stuff. Wish us luck in remembering to take all the right stuff.

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