Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jersey Shore

  We had a great time at Seaside Heights NJ. Connor loved the ocean and boardwalk and the pool at the motel. We’re not used to traveling without the RV there was several times there was sometime we wish we had brought with us. We also didn’t like having neighbors coming home late at night. The RV will go with us from now on.

  Tuesday I had my  annual stress test and I’m still waiting for the results.  Yesterday we both had dentist appointments. I have 2 more visits. I hope this denture thing works out. Paula went out to lunch with the ladies from the church today and had a good time. I stayed home and took it easy just cutting Robin’s grass. Tomorrow we go to see Randy Travis and we’re looking forward to the concert. 

  We’re still parked in Robin’s driveway and it’s working out ok. We still have a lot of stuff up at out campground in Falls and we’re going to have to start bringing it back to Robin’s to store. We’ve had the same site for around 6 years but with spending next summer in Alaska and traveling the following summer we’re going to give the site up. 

  Enjoy your summer everyone

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Chasingthe70s said...

I hope all the tests turn out A O K!!