Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Randy Travis


  Randy Travis did not disappoint. He put on a great show. Earlier in the day I took the tracker to the Dr. for new brakes & tires. On Saturday we went up to our campsite and brought back some stuff for storage at Robins. Sunday we went to our new cousins baptism. Yesterday I was back at the dentist. Boy I’ll be glad when that's all done. Tomorrow we’re going to close up Emily’s slides and head to upstate NY. Paula’s family is having a reunion. When we come back on Sunday we’ll pickup our grandson to stay the night and Monday. His mom & dad have meetings at the schools they teach at but he doesn’t start back until Tuesday. We’ll have a fun day of board games.

  Some friends that we met on the road are going thru some tough times. They found a mass on Jay’s brain and he will be operated on later this week and his wife Fay had a heart attack and had surgery. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

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